Where Has My Hair Gone?


I hate having an invisible illness, especially one with so many symptoms. I used to have thick, curly hair. Oh how I rocked it in the 80s. A little hairspray, a little teasing and I was good to go. I won’t get into my love of electric blue mascara back in the day. I look at pictures and shudder!

But when I see a picture of myself from back then, the first thing I notice is how much hair I had. I think I started losing my hair years ago. It seemed to be falling out at a much faster rate than usual. Then came my kids. After each baby I lost a ridiculous amount of hair. Even my hairdresser was shocked at the loss on one side of my head.

By the time I had the third baby, my hair was no longer full, thick, or pretty. I don’t know when my autoimmune symptoms truly started. I’m a mom. I don’t have time to deal with pain. In fact, I’m quite sure I had symptoms years before I saw a doctor. I’m the kind of girl that likes to wait and see what happens.

In this case, some of my hair came back after losing the pregnancy hair, but now that I’m on meds for RA, my hair is even more fine. I’ve tried vitamins and hair supplements, but I have yet to find anything that makes a difference.

So for now I look back longingly at my 80s hair. I miss it. It’s all part of feeling like crap. If you feel like you look like crap, it certainly doesn’t help toward overall wellness. I’m using thickening shampoo and whatever product I can find for fine, limp, yucky hair. I fake it, but I see the difference and I’m sure others can, too.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything for hair loss and had some success.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sunnex
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 10:06:34

    Have you tried hair transplant option?


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