An Ambien Rant


Well, the kids got out of school around 11AM today. Why bother! It’s still snowing and the news is saying it’s not going to stop any time soon. I have a glimmer of hope that there will just be a delay for school tomorrow, but it’s fading.

Tonight’s activities included me going outside to shovel with my son. Luckily it was fluffy, light snow and we could basically push it across the driveway. Surprisingly with the cold, today was a decent day in terms of pain. I’m not sure the shoveling was the smartest idea, but I felt guilty having my 10-year-old do it himself.

When we came back in, I headed to the bedroom to lay under my heated blanket. I had about ten minutes of relaxation when I heard a loud crash. Not wanting to move because the heat was feeling so good, I yelled to my kids to ask what happened.

My 6-year-old yelled back, “It was just a cotton ball. Nothing to worry about!”

For those of you that have children, you know when you hear a crash followed by an explanation like that, it’s time to go check what the heck they are doing! My darlings brought a sled inside the house and lined up pillows at the bottom of the stairs to sled into. Oh the joy of being a mom! I had to explain that this was not their brightest decision, and NO, they could not continue their mission.

My kids keep life interesting. They are all so different, but they all have good hearts. They are great kids…even when they are rotten.

I am dreading the cold that is hitting tonight and lasting for the next few days. Tonight it’s supposed to get to -15 with the windchill. I felt like sleep wasn’t in my future tonight so I took an ambien to help. I don’t take them often because I tend to online shop without remembering. I have to admit it’s exciting when packages come to the door and I have no idea what’s inside.

So tomorrow will likely be an indoor day. I think my big cat hates the cold as much as I do. He’s either with me on my blanket or sprawled out near the wood stove. I’m thinking it might be a movie day, as I do have some work to finish. That person’s novel isn’t going to edit itself. I’ll get to it at some point tomorrow, but for now I’m going to try to sleep (or shop, whichever comes first).

I hope you all had a pain free day. Stay warm! And to those of you in warm places…I’m so jealous!


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