The Phenomenon of Raynaud’s


First of all, why to they call it Raynaud’s Phenomenon? Is it phenomenal to have your fingers turn white or yellow and hurt like hell? I certainly don’t think so. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a disorder that affects blood vessels, mostly in the fingers and toes. It causes the blood vessels to narrow when you are either cold or stressed. As someone with an autoimmune disease that makes up 90% of my day.

I don’t remember always feeling cold like I do now. I am constantly cold. My wood stove could be cranking and I still have a blanket on me. While Raynaud’s is more of an annoyance than anything to me, it really hurts. I’m not sure if it hurts worse to be out in the cold or when my hands and feet are warming up.

I have secondary Raynaud’s because of my other autoimmune diseases, but it is common to have primary Raynaud’s with no other issues. My youngest daughter has primary Raynaud’s so I’m ridiculous trying to keep gloves on her or getting her to wear socks around the house. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but it bothers me when her hands and feet are like little white ice cubes.

Even looking for a picture of Raynaud’s freaked me out today. My hands turn a yellowish white, but there are blue fingers and bright red and stark white. For something that’s not supposed to be any more than an annoyance, it looks darn scary.

I chose to write about Raynaud’s today because my fingers are still killing me. It’s a balmy 4 degrees today and I’m only going outside to get more wood for the fire every now and then. There’s no end in sight to our Polar Vortex and my son has an all-day wrestling tournament tomorrow. Don’t be jealous of that one! I was not all for the wrestling thing. My son is small for his age and he so wants to be athletic, but it hasn’t always worked out for him.

It turns out he did pretty darn well. I was the mom that you can hear through the video tape going “oh my goodness,” “watch his neck,” or “get him!” I was also the mom that cried every time I was there for a winning match. I do, however, dread spending hours on end watching wrestling matches tomorrow…and trying to keep my two girls occupied while doing so.

For now, my hands are going back into my heating pad as soon as I’m done with this blog. While my fingers aren’t “stuck” like they were the other day, one finger is causing me a lot of pain.

Hope you all are having pain-free or low-pain days.


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