Day One of My Liquid Cleanse


Well I survived the first day drinking two smoothies with Greek yogurt, fruit, and chocolate protein powder and then a dinner of butternut squash soup. Am I hungry? Yep. Do I want to munch or crunch on something? Yep. I just keep drinking my water and hoping I can fall asleep early.

I think the fact that it’s only three days is making it bearable. I’m not sure if the man on Dr. Oz meant for me to have butternut squash soup with cream in it, but look, I’m making an effort. Truth be told I saw a picture of myself recently and I was horrified. I need to do something to jump start my weight loss.

I’m working out every day, but I’m finding it difficult to do cardio exercise. At the moment I’m saving money for a good elliptical machine because I’m thinking that’s my best bet for something that isn’t going to be too stressful on my joints. For now I’ve been doing a little step in my basement and some kettlebell work, which gets my heart rate up a bit.

I do abdominal work on my own each day and some weights. Some days even that is too much when my hands are so stiff that I can’t even grasp the weights. The point is I’m really trying to move and do something each day. I keep hearing that arthritis commercial that says: “A body in motion stays in motion.”

As much as that commercial annoys me when I’m lying in bed unable to move, there is some truth to it. I find that even if I can get in 10-15 minutes of yoga or stretching it does help.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing another two smoothies and I’m making potato leek soup. There is no method to my madness right now. I’m desperate for a change. I’m hoping to give my stomach some time off by only consuming liquids. I suppose I should have gotten on the scale today so I could let you know how I’m doing, but that would involve me learning how much I weigh! I’m hoping mainly to decrease the amount of snacking I do on a daily basis.

And About the Weather

It’s back to frigid cold here, but from the sounds of it, it’s freezing cold over most of the U.S. right now. Surprisingly, today was a decent day after the first hour or so. I keep getting numbness, almost a painful numbness if that makes sense, in my fingers. Do any of you have that symptom?

Also, if you would like to follow Autoimmune Mama on Twitter you can follow @autoimmunemama1 and I also have a page on Facebook, which is a great place to start up a conversation and ask questions of other people with autoimmune issues. Autoimmune Mama on Facebook

It really has helped me to read your comments and see your posts. It’s very difficult fighting an invisible illness on your own. We have strength in numbers!


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