Liquid Cleanse: Day 2


It looks like I survived another day of only having liquids. I probably had too much of the Weight Watcher’s potato leek soup that I made, but it was delicious. I had two protein shakes with fruit (I like using frozen fruit so it tastes like a milkshake), and a lot of water and green tea.

To be honest, I was fine all day in terms of hunger, but now I’m hungry. Even the cat food looked pretty darn good this evening. I was jealous of my cats (pictured above) as they chewed food! I might have a Jell-o…that’s liquid, kind of. The bottom line is that I doubt I could keep this up for a week, but hopefully it’s giving my stomach a bit of a rest.

In terms of pain, I have to say I’m doing better than last week. Last night wasn’t so great. My hip continues to bother me and I’m walking like a 90-year-old by the end of the day. I don’t know what I’d do without my heating pad. My hands are also a huge source of pain. I am reaching the point where I don’t remember what it’s like not to have some sort of pain going on.

I guess it’s more a matter of how bad the pain is rather than do I have pain or not. It’s a tough realization that I really don’t have pain-free days anymore. I’m hopeful that this will change when it gets warmer. It’s ridiculously cold here in the northeast.

I’ve joined a lot of Facebook groups in the last few weeks trying to learn as much as I can about fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases. There are a lot of depressing posts, and I would be lying to say it doesn’t scare me. No one wants to end up unable to leave their house, and no one wants the deformities that can come along with RA.

It’s darn scary, but what gets me through is my sense of humor. I might be in pain, but I refuse to let these autoimmune diseases define me. I am working on accepting the fact that I might not feel well enough to attend every family party or event, but I am still me. The person I am inside hasn’t changed, but I’m still working on the fact that I’m not as fast as I used to be.

Slow walkers drive me nuts! I am a fast walker with my short little legs and it kills me to limp and be slow. It bothers me that I can’t always open a jar or hold a cup of tea tightly in one hand. A lot of things bother me about having fibromyalgia and RA. But, I can’t change it.

So…I have to get through one more day of only liquids and I may be blogging tomorrow night about the delicious cat food I had for dinner. Hopefully I can make it. Until then….


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