Liquid Cleanse: Day 3


Surprisingly I wasn’t starving today. I thought it would get more difficult as I reached the third day of this cleanse, but even the cat food did not look appealing. I had a smoothie, some soup…and then, well I went out with two friends and blew the whole thing to hell.

I ate healthy, but I did have chicken and a baked potato..and it was darn good. I’m over it. I missed the last 10 hours of my cleanse. Because I didn’t get on the scale, I have no idea if I lost weight, but I did like that I was a lot less hungry today. My biggest problem is snacking. I don’t have 2 crackers, I’ll keep eating them as long as they are in front of me.

My meals are fairly healthy — my snack choices, not so much. So if anything, I’m more conscious of how much I was snacking during the day. My goal is to drink more water and really wait until I know I’m hungry before grabbing a snack.

In terms of my autoimmune life, today was difficult. The cold is really weighing on me. I came home this morning and was so cold that I got under my electric blanket and turned on my heating pads. I was there most of the day and just couldn’t escape the chill.

As I was trying to explain to a friend tonight, I’m just really puffy. My hands are nothing like some of the RA photos I’ve seen online, but for my hands, they are puffy and swollen. I can’t wear jewelry or anything because it bothers me too much.

We’re supposed to get a big warm-up on Sunday with the temperature getting to 38 in time for the Super Bowl. I’m not a football fan, but I enjoy watching the commercials (such a girl). We’ve been invited to my sister-in-law’s house for a party, but it’s likely that I will stay home with my daughters because it turns into a late night. We’ll make some sort of snacks and throw our own party.

I hope it’s warmer where you are and that you’re feeling as pain-free as possible.


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