I Survived One Day Gluten Free


As I sit here with my bowl of Fruity Pebbles (thank you for your comment Jenn M., you made my evening so much better), I’m thankful and actually excited that I made it through the day completely gluten free.

My three meals were yummy, and I tried some different snacks today that were okay, too. The chocolate chip cookies weren’t so hot, but they weren’t terrible. Of course chocolate chip cookies and Fruity Pebbles aren’t going to help me lose weight, but it’s knowing that there are fun snacks out there that I can still eat now and then that is making me feel like this is doable.

Our schools have already been canceled for tomorrow due to the impending storm. I have everything I need and nowhere to go, so we’ll get through. I just don’t like driving in this stuff. Tomorrow is supposed to be ice and snow.

The kids and I will be inside with the wood stove on, watching movies and playing board games. It’s not likely I’ll get too much of my real work done, but I realized I need to shut the computer off a little more.

Being a freelancer, my clients email me all the time. They need one thing or another, and I am spending these snow days crabbing at my kids to be quiet and trying to get my stuff done. I decided that tomorrow is my day off, too.

I just spent the last two hours watching Full House with my three kids and as silly as it sounds, the show brought up a lot of good talking moments. The computer was nowhere in sight, and we did a lot of laughing.

It’s hard not to get down on myself at times, because I’m not the mom who is out there sledding. I will go out and watch as long as I can, but the cold just cripples me. I often feel guilty that I have to say no to some fun things, but tonight we had so much fun just spending time together…it was a good night and one that was much needed.

I hope those of you affected by tomorrow’s storm stay safe and warm. And, I’d really like to thank you for your comments. You have no idea how much they have helped me…just to know I’m not alone in this fight and that there are really people out there that “get it” means so much to me. In my every day life, very few people understand how I can feel good one day and so terrible the next. If you don’t have autoimmune issues, it’s so difficult to understand the pain and the loneliness.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kaila511
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 05:01:07

    Congrats on making it through Day 1! It keeps getting easier (except for when you enter a pizza shop… don’t go there). : )


  2. Jenn M
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 14:19:33

    I’m glad you enjoyed your Fruity Pebbles! 🙂 I was very excited to learn this–I eat Cocoa Pebbles every night for snack. For sure, there will be more gluten free stuff in the near future that will be available in stores (which isn’t super expensive) since it seems like more people are dealing with Celiac’s or gluten sensitivities.


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