Shooting Pain Makes for a Long Night

Photo by TLC

Photo by TLC

I thought I was going to bed a while ago, but between the insomnia and the pain that is shooting from my hip down to my toes, I don’t see any signs of sleep in my near future.

This type of pain is different for me. I’m used to the hip pain. It’s the really painful waves that come and go down my leg and into my toes that I don’t think I’ve felt before. My hands are also tingling with sharp twinges.

As a woman with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, this is how quickly things can change. A few hours ago I was surprised at how well I was feeling, and now I’m considering taking medication to ease the pain. The only thing I did between that was watch the Olympics. It’s not like I was outside shoveling.

So what am I doing now? I’m watching some trash tv with the heating pads placed all over my leg. This Sister Wives show leaves me with so many thoughts. I figure, I have time on my hands, I’m going to list them.

1. You can’t tell me that these woman are happy. I thought about it a little bit. You have other women to help with the kids, you get the whole bed to yourself most nights. Those things don’t seem so bad, but they look miserable.

2. What the heck to they see in this man? The hang on each of his words, yet he is annoying as hell.

3. Four wives and not one of them has told him he needs a hair cut? Give me a break!

If I don’t sleep soon, I’ll finally get to check out 30-Day Fiance. That sounds right up my alley!

Those are some deep thoughts for the evening. I’m hoping someone from my online autoimmune family can tell me if these shooting pains are normal?  You can either comment here or send me an email at autoimmunemama {@} I’m just wondering if there is something that I can do to ease the pain (other than meds). It’s almost like I have the most painful pins and needles that I’ve ever had.

Any help is appreciated.


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  1. fefe23
    Feb 11, 2014 @ 01:39:56

    I hate the tingles too and I just use my heating pad. Maybe a warm bath too


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