More Snow and More Pain


The meteorologists live for storms like we are having today. I think the darn storm has a different name from each television network. My favorite was the storm a few years ago that they dubbed Frankenstorm. As of now we got between 10-12 inches of snow. It’s stopped for now, but they are saying it’s going to pick back up after midnight, making for a mess in the morning.

I had a really tough day in terms of pain. I think the pressure from the storm gave me a migraine and I struggled with that last night and all day. I also woke up again with the terrible pain in my hands that lasted until almost noon. I was a complete bum all day. I spent most of it in bed, though I did make cupcakes with my kids.

It’s hard when I can’t take them out sledding and things like that. They sledded with their dad and had a great time as I watched from the window. I know my limitations, and there was no way I could have gone out there in the cold today. Honestly, it’s depressing. I can’t stand not being able to do things because I don’t feel well. Contrary to popular belief, I really do want to get out of bed.

It pisses me off to hear, “you just need to get up and get moving.” That sounds like a fabulous idea, but my body isn’t going along with that. While a hot shower may feel good, it doesn’t take away the pain. I’m not magically feeling great when I get up and move. Guess what? Sometimes I CAN’T get up and move. It’s frustrating enough to be in that kind of pain without people telling you that you need to keep moving.

My migraine is somewhat better, enough so that it won’t keep me up all night, and all I can do is hope for a better day tomorrow. I hope you all are faring well with the storm. How much snow did you get?


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  1. ♥Renee
    Feb 14, 2014 @ 10:16:33

    I always end up with a migrane when we have bad weather. I have no snow here but then thats why I moved here. I also agree with your feelings on get moving. Drives me up a damn wall! Hope today is better


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