Don’t Engage with the Nut Jobs


I need to just set a reminder to tell myself not to engage with the nut jobs on Facebook every other week. There is a lot going on in our small town and without boring you with the details we had two people running for First Selectman; one of them was caught the morning of the election stealing the other guy’s campaign signs, and then word got out a few days after the other one won the election that he declared bankruptcy and screwed town sports teams out of money with his former business. Kind of shady for someone who wants to control our town’s finances.

Anyway, if you’re not bored out of your mind already, our education budget was slashed from the proposed 4.4% increase to .75%, an increase that doesn’t even allow us to keep the current programming. So I watched people banter back and forth for the past few days without saying a word, but then some guy today said that it’s not the school’s responsibility to educate our kids, it’s the parents’ responsibility. While I’ll agree the parents are always responsible for staying on top of what their child is learning and teaching them at home, isn’t the school’s sole purpose to educate the students? Not according to this guy!

His wife is learning two different language so she can teach her kids. I’m sorry that I don’t have time to learn Mandarin. Perhaps I will take that up in all my spare time (the kind of time that doesn’t exist when you have three kids).

Perhaps I got all fired up because overall I felt very much like myself today. The pain and brain fog were nowhere near the level they were at last week — that’s a good thing! It’s been a while since I’ve felt good.

I know the cold weather in general is tougher for people with rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune issues including fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s. I was wondering if anyone changes their doses or meds in the warmer weather if you aren’t in as much pain. I’d love for you to share your experience or thoughts on that.

For me, it’s scary to think about being on the same med or combination of meds forever. I tend to feel better in the summer, and I hate to take something if I don’t need it as much, but is that doing more damage by not protecting my joints from the RA?

I have so many questions, but that’s my big one for the night. I hope some of my autoimmune friends can let me know what they do.


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