Stupid Polar Vortex Is Killing Me


Ok, before I get to how much pain I’m in and my autoimmune issues, for those that have been following my small town political saga, I met with the First Selectman today. I wasn’t impressed with him. While he did listen to me, he shrugged off everything I said and kept referring me to a graph he made on enrollment.

Needless to say, he’s not going to change his mind on the education budget and we’re still in deep crap for the coming year, but I feel good that I stepped up and actually got involved. There are so many people who sit around bitching about circumstances and don’t do anything about it. At least I can say I took some sort of action to make a change.

It’s possible that I was so driven because this is something I can make a difference with and possibly change in the future — unlike my autoimmune issues. My rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia are not going away no matter how much want them to. I have to accept that so I’m not keen on accepting it elsewhere in my life.

With the extremely low temperatures today, I woke up with my hand completely stuck again. I just stood there in the hot shower this morning, letting the heat soak in. It was back to that painful numbness that I had a difficult time describing in another blog. While it is numb, the pain and tingling is horrendous. The only good news was that I woke up migraine-free. Last night was terrible.

Then after going to that meeting I stood outside for a few minutes talking to a neighbor, and the cold got right to the bone. My right hip and leg are in serious pain tonight. I’m considering calling my rheumatologist for a trigger point injection, but of course I’m saying that while I’m sitting here practically in tears over it. Tomorrow may be another story.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a while until I fall asleep again tonight. I don’t like taking an Ambien when I have to teach a class in the morning. I always feel sluggish and yuck. So it’s likely another trash tv night for me.

Anyone watching anything good?


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  1. Archer72
    Feb 27, 2014 @ 04:57:24

    Hi, I suffer like you. My search for treatments that would help and experiencing them, lead me to write my own theory on the cause of fibromyalgia and chronic pain in general. Maybe you’re interested. I don’t know if it can help your condition but it might. I claim that it’s an orthopedic problem and not autoimmune or stress related, and I try to prove it logically.


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