Still Flaring…It Sounds So Much Brighter Than It Is


Flare: a type of pyrotechnic that produces a brilliant light or intense heat without an explosion. It’s what I think of every time I say I’m having an arthritis flare. While my flare may be intense, it sure isn’t brilliant, frankly, it sucks!

I am still in a lot of pain today and the temperature is getting to -10 with the wind chill factor tonight. Good times. My hip and legs are really stiff, almost locked. When I get up from a chair or out of the car, or try and walk down stairs, it’s not easy.

I don’t even think my gluten-free eating could spare me this flare. It’s frigid cold. My hands have been like ice all day today, and right now I have two heating pads and an electric blanket on, as I sit here listening to the wind howl.

I don’t think the temperature will be any better in the next few days, and this may actually prevent me from going to my girls’ night out tomorrow. I’m friends with a group of girls that play Bunco once a month and that happens to be tomorrow night. If you don’t know what Bunco is, picture Yahtzee using three dice and some wine!

It’s usually a fun night out, but I will play it by ear. If I still feel like this, I can’t fake it tomorrow night. Isn’t that the worst? Faking you feel better than you do. Do we all do that? I feel like when I’m going into a group, I’m certainly a lot less likely to say how much pain I’m in.

As I sit here watching a town Board of Finance meeting (life can’t get more interesting than this),  this man got up for public comment and he referenced my letter. That man took the time to look at my property taxes and let me know that I should be thankful they went down. I have a few things to say to him:

#1. You took the time to researched where I live and what I pay in taxes. Clearly you need a hobby. Perhaps I could teach you to knit, or better yet, you can come with me to the animal shelter and volunteer your time playing with the cats and dogs.

#2. My children and their education are extremely important to me. I will willingly pay the proposed increased that amount to only $12 per month per household to ensure a high-quality education for all children in this town.

Clearly, I’m spending way too much time on this budget crap. I guess it’s something to focus on when I have to sit here in pain. Maybe I need a hobby!


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