Long Ass Town Meeting and Super Duper Cold


Tonight’s town meeting was supposed to last a half an hour or so. Almost three hours later I was back home. It certainly isn’t what I felt like doing tonight, but I did my part and voted after a lot of really crabby townsfolk (that word makes me laugh) got up to speak.

Thank goodness they had child care is all I can say. My youngest daughter would not have lasted. On the way there she announced, “We’re going to a meeting with your Mommy friends? I’m going to shake everyone’s hand” — my mayor in training. If anyone is going to rule the world, you can count on child #3.

Today flew by very fast for me. I had a crazy more with clients and then my new mattress arrived (hallelujah), and I had the kids activities. Add to that some computer issues and a fire in the toast oven while I was on the phone with tech support, and I call this a typical day in my life. I’m constantly putting out fires. If it’s not the kids, it’s work, or my own body kicking my ass.

I didn’t go outside for most of the day, which I think was a smart move It’s getting down to the negative numbers tonight and it’s just so darn cold. Surprisingly though, I have felt worse. My back is still sore, but manageable.

My focus right now is my weight. Even my bras don’t fit, and nothing looks more hideous than me popping out of my bra. I don’t have a small size to begin with…I’m usually a D cup, but I’m more of a DD, and I have yet to purchase one because I’m going to lose this freakin weight.

Today I didn’t have a lot of time for exercise as I had hoped, but I drank 8 glasses of lemon water and started a colon cleanse…don’t ask. I was up late on Ambien again last night. I also purchased some supplement that Dr. Oz recommended. That man is starting to cost me money with all his recommendations!

I did have time for about 300 various crunches and ab exercises. It wasn’t much, but it was something. I teach my class tomorrow morning, but the plan is to do some cardio when I get home, or in the evening. I ate less than 1,200 calories today, which I know isn’t recommended, but with all the water I truly wasn’t as hungry. The good thing is everything was healthy and a lot of veggies.

I even got on the scale. This just made things worse, but I’m more determined than ever to be in shape for my friend’s wedding and beyond that even more so by summer. Who’s joining me? No fancy programs, no weigh-ins, but they say people who are accountable with friends are more apt to stay with a routine of diet and exercise. Come on, peer pressure! Let’s get fit!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TTD
    Mar 04, 2014 @ 12:03:16

    Have you heard of the 5:2 diet? You eat normally for five days, and then on two days you eat 500 calories. You decide when the two days are. You don’t have to buy supplements or anything special. On the two days that you fast, your body naturally burns the fat, so you lose weight. I know a few people who have successfully lost weight using this method.


    • autoimmunemamabear
      Mar 06, 2014 @ 02:48:17

      I have given that one a lot of thought. I’m going to see how I do over the next two weeks and then possibly try that.


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