Exercise, Swelling, and Kittens


Today was a really good day for exercise! I taught my class this morning, and we decided as a group that we’re going to do this 30 Day Ab Challenge. It’s doable people, join me! I did the Day 1 schedule after my class, so I was able to do a lot today. The odd thing that happened was that my fingers began to swell during class. It didn’t start out as a high pain day, and to be honest, I’ve had much worse, but at one point I couldn’t hold onto my weight (light ones) with my right hand.

At that point my fingers turned red, yet my hand and palm were white. They are still red and a little swollen, but surprisingly they are too painful right now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

So I know you’re all dying to know how I slept on my new mattress last night. And that answer is…awful! Here’s the thing, I was super comfortable, but still wide awake. I suppose I can’t expect the mattress to cure my insomnia. I plan on popping a half an Ambien tonight because I have a monthly staff meeting tomorrow that’s over an hour away and I need to get some sleep tonight.

At the moment, I’m having a hard time focusing on my blog because one of my kittens seems to be in a lot of pain. She won’t put her little foot down when she’s sitting, and she is limping when she walks. We are concerned she may have jumped onto the wood stove. Our big cat, Cheeto, jumped onto the wood stove when he was a kitten. He was playing with the dog and jumped from a play kitchen set right onto the hot stove and burned all four paws.

I can’t tell with Cookie (our girl kitten–the gray tabby pictured above with her brother Biscuit) if that’s what happened. She little pads on her paws are black and I can’t tell if they are burned. If she’s still in pain tomorrow we’ll take a trip to the vet after my morning meeting. I hate to see any animal in pain. It’s awful. She was looking at me and meowing over and over like she wanted me to understand her. Poor girl!

So not much else to report tonight as I’m a little scattered. I hope you’ll join me for the 30 Day Ab Challenge and help force me to stick to my plan of getting in shape. Let me know how you do!


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