Just Another Day


I’m late with my nightly blog. I spent the past several hours at a Board of Education meeting. I might be becoming one of “those moms.” Our town is a shambles, so it’s forcing a lot of parents to stand up for the education budget.

It’s also still freezing here in CT. The Raynaud’s is turning my hands several shades of white, red, and even yellow. I am also losing the feeling in the fingers on my right hand again. The good news is that overall my pain level during the day isn’t so bad. Nights are pretty lousy.

This morning someone said to me, “you just need to get up and get moving sooner in the day.” Really? I hadn’t thought of that. I never gave a thought to forcing myself out of bed and walking around in horrible pain. I’ve never done that. Clearly, that person doesn’t realize what it’s like to have three children.

I don’t get to lounge in bed all morning. They clearly don’t know that I have to make lunches, make breakfast, make sure my kids brush their teeth, and that all three of them have their homework, etc. I won’t lie that there are plenty of mornings that I put the kids on the bus and get back in bed with my heating pads.

Getting up and stretching doesn’t help the pain. Moving earlier doesn’t change the fact that my body hurts…not aches, hurts. Bad.

Other than this I have to say that I feel remarkably happy and blessed. I work for a wonderful nonprofit agency and I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone a bit, but it feels so awesome to help other people. I may have a lot of crap on my plate as a person (and mom) with more than one autoimmune disease, but I am lucky to have good people in my corner. I’m also truly happy to have connected with so many of you online. It really helps to talk to people that understand. You know there’s no underlying feeling that someone thinks I’m embellishing how I feel. Who the heck would want to feel this kind of pain? When I have a day that I’m not hurting I enjoy it to the fullest. They aren’t as frequent as they used to be, but I can hope that still will change.


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  1. TTD
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 14:06:53

    People in good health have no idea!


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