In Migraine Hell


I thought a good night of sleep would help get rid of my migraine. I was wrong. I woke up unable to see out of my left eye and in terrible pain from my head to the base of my skull, and down through my shoulders. I took some Advil Migraine and set off to teach my class because I didn’t really have a choice.

Between the medicine and the exercise, I left feeling a little better, but I came home to lay down and it all went down hill again. We didn’t get too much of a storm but what we did get finished many hours ago, so it can’t just because of that. I don’t know what caused it, but it better be gone by tomorrow. Can you imagine having a migraine with six loud, giggling girls and a sleepover party? I don’t even want to think about it.

I have my heating pad on the top of my shoulders, and it’s not doing a damn bit of good. I’m due for another dose of migraine meds, and I think I’m going to take an Ambien. I am just tired of the pain.

I did end up doing a few minutes on my elliptical. That shit is hard! I have to work up to it. I found myself  looking at the clock and thinking…oh my god, it’s only been two minutes! What the hell happened to me? I used to be able to teach or take all sorts of classes. Now I’m not in control anymore — rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia make the decision on whether I can do things.

I need to be okay tomorrow. I need to be a great mom, and help my daughter have a great party. Then I can fall apart on Saturday, but I need to pick myself up again on Sunday to have family over to celebrate. Is it sad that I’m looking forward to Monday?


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  1. twistedrandall
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 03:06:15

    That say to sit on your counter, put your hands and feet in hot water and put an ice pack on your neck. It is supposed to get the blood flowing through your neck and pulling it to your hands and feet. One thing I also do for neck and shoulder pain is to roll up a hand towel, put it under a hearing pad where it hurts, then tense and relax the muscles as I am laying on it. It is like a heated massage. I couldn’t breathe without it hurting and couldn’t believe how much it relaxed it


    • drunkitty2000
      Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:14:00

      I find the towel under a heating pad trick works well for neck pain related to tight muscles, but heat doesn’t do me much good for migraines.


  2. autoimmunemamabear
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 03:13:15

    Thank you. I just took another muscle relaxer and a half of an Ambien. If I don’t fall asleep soon, I’m going to try the hands and feet in hot water with an ice pack on my neck. Thank you for the reminder. I read that tip a month or two ago, but have yet to try it.


  3. TTD
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 11:43:00

    I totally sympathise with you, and hope your migraine has gone by the time you read this.


  4. helensamia
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 12:34:19

    I get migraines and take a tablet called imigran.. Stops the headaches with no drowsy feeling .. They are my life saver.. How ever since going totally gluten free the headaches have stopped… A miracle as had headaches since a teenager


  5. twistedrandall
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 14:49:16

    Do you track what you eat? Maybe you have a trigger and don’t even realize it.


  6. autoimmunemamabear
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 13:30:11

    I kept a food diet for a few months and the only trigger was wine so I cut that out. I seem to get them with weather changes (like a storm coming) or after a stressful period of time.


  7. drunkitty2000
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:15:02

    So sorry you are dealing with these, too. Migraines do suck and this crazy weather we are having everywhere this year certainly isn’t helping. Incoming weather changes (especially storms) have always been bad for me, as well.


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