The Highs and Lows of St. Patrick’s Day


Today didn’t start out well. My seven-year-old woke up and didn’t feel well. She then threw up every 15 minutes for a few hours. She finally fell asleep, then woke up completely fine and asking for pizza. I was thinking more along the lines of Saltines, but she insisted that pizza would make her tummy happy, and apparently she knew what she’s talking about.

She kept down two slices of pizza and by 2pm was singing Karaoke in the living room. This added an unwelcome twist into my enjoyment of a quiet Monday after a crazy weekend, but luckily it was a fast moving stomach bug. Hopefully the rest of us will be spared.

My good news of the day is that I completed 20 minutes (consecutively) on the elliptical. The former me inside is rolling her eyes, but I have to count my achievements even when they are small. I found that watching television helped pass the time. Usually I’m a music girl. I put my iPod on and go, but I decided that tomorrow, I’m going to allow myself to indulge in my guilty pleasure of watching The Young & The Restless if I do my elliptical during the parts where it is on. I can do abs or weights during the commercials. My goal is to do 30 minutes total of cardio.

I do have to say that while I felt really good for a while after the exercise, my hips got very tight and painful a few hours later. At the moment, I have my heating pad on, and I’m hoping for the best tomorrow. To be honest, I wish I’d get my ass outside and walk with the crazy dog. I know I have to push myself in my area with the hills, but it’s fresh air, and I’d probably walk for a longer duration than I’m on the elliptical — not to mention my dog is being referred to as a sausage by the neighbors. She’s put on a lot of weight since we took on the kittens. She cleans up after all three cats are finished eating, and she has about as much to lose as I do.

The problem is it seems overwhelming to me. It takes me 30-40 minutes to do my neighborhood circle and the last hill to get home is straight up. It’s daunting, but on the next nice day I’m going to go out there and see how I do.

I’m not Irish, but I enjoyed some corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight. It’s something I never crave or really want, but I eat it every year anyway.

Did anyone watch Dancing With The Stars? I admit, I tuned in tonight. Poor Lando Calrissian, though Billy Dee looks darn good for his age, he didn’t do so well tonight. And, I need to discuss Meryl Davis. I’m not sure if I brought this up during the Olympics and I’m too lazy to go back and look. Does it look like there is something weird about her face?

Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely and beautiful, but there is just something odd about her. I think it’s that you can’t quite tell where her nose starts. It kind of blends into her forehead. Of course, her body is to die for. I’d love to have some definition in my arms, but even at my peak of fitness, I had skinny arms. She’s got some good muscles.

There’s my bitchiness for the evening. I’m think her partner Charlie will be in the final, along with Meryl, and I’m reserve my last pick for next week. I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day. I feel like I’m getting another migraine so I’m taking an Ambien and trying to get to sleep before 1AM. Here’s to hoping that happens.


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