Not Quite a Stage Mom…Yet


I crack up when I watch those shows about the dance moms. After the second year of my older daughter performing in the Nutcracker, I’ve seen my share of those mothers, but the play and drama parents are very different.

I have to say that there is such a spirit of community with The Sound of Music play that my daughter is in. I think I only saw one mom who could compare to the dance moms. Overall, it’s been a good experience for my daughter, who had a fear of being up in front of people. She’s decided that she likes it, and wants to do a theater camp. Look for me to become a stage mom very soon!

I sat through the show again this afternoon, and volunteered watching the children’s ensemble in the back room when they weren’t on stage (which was 95% of the show). It was a really long say, and I’ve been having some issues with low blood sugar. I should have eaten lunch before the 1pm show, but I was in a rush. By intermission I was shaking and beginning a terrible headache. Luckily, I was able to eat something and I felt a little better.

I blew the diet to hell by munching on a Kit Kat, and then taking the girls to McDonald’s for a quick meal between shows. I’m sure a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is not on ANY healthy diet plan, but it’s done, and I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

My swelling was not as bad as yesterday, but my hands and feet are still hurting. I’m just plain tired at this point. I think I’ll actually fall asleep on my own before 1AM. I’m trying not to be stressed about my son being at a sleepover tonight. I think I am just very overprotective and overly concerned when it comes to my son. Socially, he’s a little awkward. He’s got a great heart and a fabulous sense of humor (he gets that from his mom), but I think he tries to hard with friends.

I’m hoping for the best and trying not to stress about it. Him being gone means all of the cats sleep with me, so it’s a bit of a treat. My big cat is very attached to my son and follows him everywhere. I only get attention when my son is at school. So my Cheeto is snuggling with me tonight!

I need to keep up this fast paced me for one more day, actually two more. I have the play again tomorrow and then a busy day on Monday. Is it wrong that I’m already planning a nap for Tuesday?


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