Arthritis Gloves, I Love You

2012 Virgin Active Sports Industry Awards

I ordered a new pair of IMAK arthritis gloves and they arrived today. If you haven’t tried these, I have found them to be very helpful for pain, swelling, and keeping my hands warm. They aren’t like a lot of arthritis gloves, which are super tight, making it difficult to do daily tasks with them on. These are perfect for working on the computer, etc. They are a kind of spandex fabric that stays just tight enough to help with swelling.

And no, I’m not getting any kickbacks from IMAK. They are just something I recommend because they actually help me. This is my third pair as my daughters think they look “cool” and they lose them on me. So it’s the little things of today that made me happy. I got my hair cut and highlighted, and I was able to teach a tough class and use my elliptical machine.

Overall, I felt pretty darn good today, but I hit a wall around 6pm and started to get sore. I think it’s just regular end of day aches combined with a storm that was supposed to bring snow tonight, but now it’s sounding like we’re not getting much. Did I mention I’m done with snow and cold? I know I have!

I also picked up a new social media client, who, over the past 10 hours has driven me to pop a Xanax. I need to trust my instinct when I have a feeling someone is going to be a pain in the ass. He has called twice (with no real questions) and sent nine emails. NINE! I don’t see this ending well.

I try not to take on anyone that annoys me. It’s just best for everyone that way. I had a feeling and avoided him a few months ago, but then he called and caught me off guard saying he really wanted to work with me. Damn my kindness!

Anyway, today was not a bad day, so I’m thankful for that. I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes.

Has anyone been following the Oscar Pistorius trial? I have been following it on and off, but I think his fate was sealed today with the release of those text messages where Reeva said she was scared of him and that he was jealous of her talking to a friend’s husband. It’s probably not right to weigh in on it…but dammit, it’s my blog and I’ll give my opinion.

I don’t think it was premeditated, but he totally killed her in a rage. He had to get out of bed, put his prosthetic legs on and walk to the bathroom. Okay, here’s my problems with the story.

#1. Didn’t he realize Reeva wasn’t in bed when he got out of bed to check for the intruder?

#2. Would someone really shoot through a bathroom door without at least calling out to see who was in there?

#3. He shot 5 times. She was screaming and you can’t tell me he didn’t recognize her voice.

#4. While 95% of their text mails were loving, both of their texts on one particular day alluded to him being jealous of her talking to other men. I’m not sure if he had a complex thinking she was going to leave me, or what…but clearly he was worried about her enough to freak out about her talking to other people.

I should have been a legal analyst! I get wrapped up in following some of these cases and sometimes I’m more than surprised at how they turn out. Look at Casey Anthony. Who saw that coming? I didn’t, but after listening to all the legal experts talking after the trial, I understood the jury’s decision. I will never understand the jury for O.J. Simpson’s trial, but that’s a whole other story.

Please feel free to weigh in. We could be our own little group of Nancy Graces (with better hair).



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  1. fefe23
    Mar 31, 2014 @ 01:04:30

    I agree with the fit of rage thing. I also don’t understand how he thought she was burgular. What thief goes to the bathroom when robbing the place?


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