Where Is the Warm Weather?


I’m not going to lie, today wasn’t my best. I woke up with a very upset stomach…pretty sure it was from the Topamax. If I remember correctly, I had an upset stomach for a few days when I started it the first time. Because of it, I missed out going to an World Autism Day event at out state capitol for work. It wasn’t a huge deal that I missed it, but I really wanted to go. Autism is something that I care deeply about. With many of my friends having children on the autism spectrum, and my work as a tutor to a person who is lower functioning autistic, it’s something that I am passionate about. I like to support this cause any chance I get.

There was I time when I felt that my son was on the spectrum, as he was a late talker and he didn’t point (one of the major milestones around the one year mark). I was a mad researcher and read everything I could get my hands on. As it turned out, he was developmentally delayed and was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, which explains a lot of his early childhood issues, but I have always cared very deeply about the issues with autism.

Instead of going to support the cause, I slept until about 11:30 and didn’t get much accomplished until after 2pm. I did however, get a walk in after dinner, and did some abs and some burpees. Whoever invented burpees should be tortured. Those are just plain awful. My joints are pretty stiff today so I couldn’t do as much as I did yesterday, but I was pleased to get in a walk and it was nice to be outside.

The other good news is my dog also has a weight problem so we’ll be working on this together. She looks like a fat sausage. She waits for the cats to finish eating and then clears their bowls every morning and night. I suppose it helps to have someone to diet with.

The other symptom I have from the Topamax is that I’m pretty tired. I remember that one lasting about a month. I’m trying to enjoy the fact that I feel tired in the evening and not just during the day. I’m wondering if I’ll actually fall asleep without the help of Ambien tonight.

I’m achy and exhausted, and I really hope tomorrow is better. Despite it being warmer, my hands haven’t quite noticed the temperature yet. They are still experiencing Raynaud’s and they are freezing like 85% of the time. My fingers are usually still puffy as well. I don’t remember it being that bad last year. I’m wondering if Raynaud’s is something that gets worse over time. Anyone have any insight?

Okay, well it’s a short blog tonight as I’m feeling exhausted and achy. I’m ready for my heating pads and grasp my hands around a hot cup of tea to soak up the warmth. I’m sure warm weather will be here soon right?





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