I’m Just Not Wonder Woman Today


It was one of those days. One of those days where I was annoyed for no reason. I was tired and woke up to a house of six children that had slept over last night, and not all of them were getting along. I was ready for them all to go home. None of them left until around 11:30, after a few rounds of sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag and annoying the crap out of each other and me.

When they left, I laid on my bed and fell asleep for two hours. My girls were playing really nice with their Littlest Pet Shop toys and my son had tryouts for a travel baseball team. I don’t want to sound like the worst mom ever, but there is a very slim chance he will make it. He has a strong desire to be a great athlete, but he’s not quite there yet, though he consistently improves every season. There were about 35 kids trying out for 12 slots, so the way I figure, he won’t be overly disappointed if he doesn’t make it because many of his friends won’t either. In fact, many of his good friends tried to make it last year and didn’t. I’m proud of him that he wanted to try, but I don’t have my hopes up. He can still play regular baseball with the town so I’m not worried about it.

My nap was nice. I was feeling depressed today and I’m not really sure why. I am not feeling terrible, and things are going terrible, it’s just one of those days that I wanted to cry all day but I truly couldn’t tell you why. I don’t have a valid reason, and I never ended up crying.

The girls and I made a Target run for groceries and that was about it for leaving the house. I think today might just be a culmination of the craziness that’s been going on lately. I’m darn tired to thinking too much.

I have an appointment with my rheumatologist on Monday morning and I don’t even have any idea what I’m going to say. I think I want to ask about MCTD after reading a lot of your posts on the Autoimmune Mama Facebook Group. It sounds like what I’m going through. I’m just not ready to try anything new in terms of meds, with the exception of maybe a stronger muscle relaxer. The Flexeril really doesn’t seem to be helping me as much. I realized that when I went for the massage and the man practically had to use his whole body weight to get my trapezius muscles to release, and even then he thought they were still tight. So I guess, that’s the plan (glad I just worked that out).

I don’t want to start the Lyrica at this point. I know a lot of people have had good luck with it, but we’re getting to warmer weather (I hope) and I tend to feel better when it’s warm. I just don’t want to add anything new into the mix since I just re-started the Topamax. That, and I keep hearing about loads of weight gain with Lyrica. I’m fighting that uphill battle enough already!

My off-topic news of tonight…I can’t find the remote and I’m too lazy to get up so I just watched Wonder Woman. That was one of my favorite shows growing up. What a hideous show! I mean first of all, what kind of idiot works with Diana Prince 24/7 and can’t tell that she’s Wonder Woman? The invisible jet. The lasso of truth. All classic! And, Lynda Carter…holy crap is that woman gorgeous. Just plain and simple, beautiful! I finally was forced to get out of bed to change the channel when Star Trek came on and Spock’s brain was stolen by some woman. We all have our limits.

Wishing you a pain-free evening!


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  1. elvafrompa
    May 31, 2014 @ 16:32:47

    I have mctd. I was happy when finally diagnosed but I have such a large group dieases of almost but not a high enough percentage in bloodwork. My specialist from hershey wants me to go to the mayo clinic in Minnesota. I am sorry you are going thru this. I believe my grandmother and mom had it. Both died from different forms of cancer. I believe its environmental. I believe it started in me as a child. No medication is working. I now take methotrexate by shots. I have severe, crippling r.a. the doctors for years told me nothing was wrong with me or misdiagnosed now being all nice trying to play catch up. I am only gonna get worse. Left hip replaced, need right hip replaced. But white and red cell count is ridiculous. I pray you don’t have it but read up on it and what causes it. We have literally nothing but our house left because for the last 22 years paying for tests, doctor visits, medicines, hospital visits and stays, etc that insurance wouldn’t cover. And at one point my husband couldn’t afford insurance for me thru his work. It is a disease often not seen. You don’t have to like my blog but look up my post on autoimmune diseases. I have so many the problem doctors can’t just treat one symptom as an individual symptom they have to tie them together. My luck, new doctor who looked at me and said I have no clue what you have. My white blood cell count was over 19,000+ and my ana titer well off the chart. Don’t give up, please fight to find out what’s wrong with you. We have three doctors all over the age of 13, it is easier in that manner. But many days I am bedridden. Yes, I use a wheelchair. My symptoms are all over he place. Message me if you want to talk. Huge problem our country does not look at autoimmune diseases as disabling and there isn’t a lot of research going on today.


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