Shots into My Neck and Shoulders and a Mommy Brag


My day started out with my appointment with the rheumatologist. Let me start by saying I like my rheumatologist. He tolerates my online medical degree pretty well. He answers my lists of questions without frustration and has no problem going over all my tests with me each time. So the recap is…based on symptoms I have sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis. He’s basing this on the swelling and pain in my hands and feet. If this become worse at some point, we’ll consider plaquenil again, but for now we’re not doing much.

My main issue at the moment, according to the doctor, is fibromyalgia. This is causing widespread pain, stiffness, symetrical tender points, and rock-hard trigger points in my neck (right under my skull) and on the top of my shoulders (the trapezius muscle). He talked to me again about Lyrica. My biggest concern is the weight gain, with my secondary concer being all the other meds that I’m already on.

He said we could likely ditch the nightly xanax if I took the Lyrica and he would recommend a very low dose to acoid the weight gain, yet combat the widespread body pain. My thoughts on this were to give it a little more time. In general I feel better during the summer. I have less swelling and pain in the warm weather. The swimming also helps with the stiffness and range of motion. My thought was, I’m not going to opposed to trying it if it might really help, but I’m going to wait until I need it, which is likely next fall or winter when the weather starts to get cold again.

I have to believe that spring and summer are coming. I HAVE TO BELIEVE! SO instead of changing up my medications, we did trigger point injections into my traps and into the bands below my skull and one in my hip, just for fun…ok not really for fun, but because my right hip has been giving me a lot of pain. These aren’t cortisone or steroid injections, but rather injections of lidocaine and some other “caine” that I can’t remember that help relax the area. For me, the tightness in my neck and shoulders triggers my migraines and in the past the shots have helped decrease the headaches and tension through that area.

So, that’s where I am in the course of my treatment. No medication changes, though I did lobby for a new muscle relaxer. We went with the shots and are going to meet again in July unless I need to see him sooner. Right now I’m laying here with ice packs covering all the injection areas, and I’m feeling darn darn good. I might be feeling darn good because I’ve had a muscle relaxer, a xanax, and my Topamax, but does it really matter why I feel good? Let’s just be happy I feel good for the moment!

And now a mommy brag that I can’t share on Facebook and I need to share with someone! So my oldest daughter (age 9) has issues with being shy. She has worked really hard and little by little she has gotten on stage to do The Nutcracker and most recently a tiny part in The Sound of Music. Well, she came to me and said she’d really like to pursue singing instead of piano so I contacted a voice coach to discuss the possibility. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, so I had a lot of questions.

The lady was highly recommended by the mother of the girl who played Maria in The Sound of Music, and she was kind enough to answer all my questions. She was honest with me and said that she rarely works with kids my daughter’s age because their voices are developed enough. She said the last thing she’d do is teach a child how to belt something out so if that was what I was looking for that is not her. She trains the voice appropriately and that doesn’t include yelling.

Anyway, after our chat, she agreed to audition my daughter for a possible student and we went today. She taught my daughter all these vocal exercises and helped her prepare for an audition that she’s going to do this weekend for a small part in The Wizard of Oz (it’s like I don’t even know who this kid is). I sat there and listened to my daughter and it was everything I could do not to cry.

Was she the greatest singer ever? Of course not! But she was beautiful and she had the BEST time. I have no idea whether she’ll be old enough to be a student with this teach or whether she’ll need to wait another year or two, but it was awesome to watch my shy little kid stand up and hold a note with confidence. I saw a glimpse of the girl to come, and I couldn’t be more proud of how hard she’s working.

I have no idea how many kids will be at the audition on Saturday, but frankly, just for my daughter to walk in the door is huge. It’s all about the baby steps!



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  1. Rebekah Miller
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 17:23:09

    Savella has less risk of weight gain than Lyrica. Savella and Ultram have made a huge difference for me. I suffer from sero negative RA and fibro too!


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