Welcome Brutus!


I did it! I went back to Home Goods, and I bought the flamingo! His name is Brutus and he was a bargain at $39.99. He is pictured above in the driver’s seat of my car. My neighbor and I had a little fun with him when we went to pick him up. We giggled the whole way to get him, the whole time he was in the cart, and the whole way home. It was quite the excursion, and I now have a 4-foot metal flamingo in my yard, under my cherry blossom tree. He’s magnificent. He makes me laugh and he was a bright spot in a day of cleaning and getting ready for Easter.

Today was a much better day in terms of pain. I was able to get a lot more done than I did yesterday, with far less pain. It certainly didn’t hurt that it was fairly warm and the sun was shining. The damp cold of yesterday was gone. I’m finding that when it’s that damp kind of cold, those are my worst days. I can’t get warm and my joints are at their worst.

I’m really unprepared for Easter, but it’s not bothering me too much. I usually have a bigger crowd, so tomorrow just seems like a regular dinner. I’m not going all out. I have more people coming for dessert than dinner, so I have more of a plan for that. At the moment I’m realizing it’s 11pm and I don’t think I have anything to wear. I thought about things to put on the table to make it pretty, but heaven forbid I think of anything to put on myself. I remembered to buy the kids nice outfits…yeah, at some point I’ll remember I need to dress myself!

I still have to put candy in the plastic eggs  and hide them, but my son was still pretending to be asleep about a half an hour ago so it wasn’t quite safe yet. My youngest daughter came into my room a few hours ago fearing that she might have seen Santa in the window. At that point I was pretty sure I failed somewhere along the line in my parenting, but it still gave me a chuckle.

I have been having a really tough time with insomnia the last few nights. Last night I was up until about 3AM. I haven’t taken much because I feel tired, but I’m just not sleeping. I have been working on an online auction for a nonprofit organization that I work for and it’s been fun. I have been seeking out  companies for donations for future auctions, and for some reason I choose 1AM as a great time to do this. It’s my quiet time and I can focus, but it’s not so good for my sleep patterns.

I’m going to try and be finished with everything by 12:30 tonight and actually shut the computer off. We’ll see how that goes. I really don’t want to take a half an Ambien tonight because I don’t want to be groggy in the morning. I think my mind is just going in a million directions. I really like my job and I am having fun with what I’m doing, so I want to do it. I have had a lot on my mind the past few weeks with my family. My father went from definitely going to have heart surgery, to now not needing it in the matter of two weeks.

Like everyone else in the world, I just have a lot on my mind. Is there ever a point where we don’t have a lot on our minds? I’d like to get to that point of boredom! I’ve been doing a little research on neuropathy and it’s making me a little nervous as well. I keep losing all feeling in my fingers and toes. The just go numb or I have pins and needles for a long period of time. If anyone else has this, I’d love some insight so I can keep myself away from WebMD. You’d be surprised the things I think I have 🙂

For those you celebrate Easter, I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday tomorrow, and to everyone a pain-free day!



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