Happy Easter!


Oh Easter…the candy, the eggs that are still in my refrigerator waiting to be colored because we never had time to do it, the sugar high during church, the guests that were supposed to arrive for dinner at 2pm that showed up at 3:40. I could go on…and knowing me, I probably will. It wasn’t a bad Easter, though. For the first holiday ever, my kids got up at 6:15AM. Usually it’s me, waiting for them to wake up and open things. This year, I wanted to sleep.

Remember that plan last night about not taking the half of an Ambien? I totally didn’t stick to the plan because I decided that it was best that I fall asleep early and get some real sleep because I haven’t been sleeping at all lately and I wasn’t tired. It was blissful as I realized that I was falling asleep. I shut the computer off before I sent any emails or made any purchases that I don’t remember (at least I think I did). I felt myself drifting off to sleep, which is a feeling that I love.

Having insomnia really sucks. You desperately try and have that feeling of falling asleep. You look for it. You try too hard to feel it, and it doesn’t come. You just can’t make sleep happen. Actually, I know a few people who can…I don’t like them. Mostly because I’m jealous! I so enjoy those moments when I know I’m drifting off. It’s true peace. There’s no pain, there’s really no feeling at all. It’s just kind of a nothing. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

Anyway, I enjoyed my nothing, and I paid for it in the morning when my kids woke up and wanted to hunt for eggs at 6:15. I don’t think I even remember the egg hunt. I watched them open their presents…no I didn’t do baskets. That crap isn’t for me. I just do two little things each kid and a candy. My middle daughter made the biggest deal in Target about this carry-on suitcase that she had to have. The kid was thrilled when she unwrapped it and even more thrilled when there was stuffed dog inside. She’s so practical…totally doesn’t get that from me.

The little one has a list a mile long of toys she wants (that one takes after me). She got this princess pet cat thing and a Lalaloopsy thing, and my son got a Lego thing and a box of baseball cards. All kids were happy, and mom went back to bed for an hour (happy mom).

The rest of our day was pretty casual. I had dinner here, but it was a small, late crowd. This type of thing normally would have sent me over the edge. I don’t like tardiness, especially when I’m cooking. I guess because I didn’t put a lot into the meal this year, I just let it all roll of my back and didn’t let it bother me as it usually would have. My potatoes were a little over done. My salmon would have been better if it was served 20 minutes earlier, but none of it was bad. Well, okay my chocolate pudding pie was a freakin disaster! I usually making the chocolate pudding part the night before, but I ran out of time last night so I made it after church.

I waited about 2 hours and then put the fresh whipped cream on and when I served it, it was like soup. Not even that bothered me. It was darn yummy soup and there was plenty other desserts that people could choose from.

At the moment, the only thing that’s bothering me is a headache that started a few hours ago. I just haven’t been right since those darn trigger point shots. I’m going with “never again.” I had really high hopes, and it’s possible that it doesn’t have anything to do with them, but it’s very coincidental that so soon after them I’ve been feeling like this. I’ve really only had a handful on headache-free days since I’ve had the shots, and my neck has been full of knots (which it was supposed to loosen).

The numbness in my hands and feet is also becoming more of an issue, but I’ve decided to continue to ignore that until my next rheumatology appointment, which is in June. If it gets significantly worse, that’s a different story, but as long as it stays the same, I’ll put that on my “worry about it later list.” Anybody else have one of those? I decided to start one in an effort to stop taking on the weight of the world.

I know I tend to take on problems all at once and worry about way more than should. This is my valiant effort to try and tackle what I can, when I can, and take some of my worries and put them on the list to worry about them a different day. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out. If I start rambling about crap I shouldn’t be worrying about…don’t forget to remind me about the list. Please!

I hope those of you that celebrate Easter had a wonderful holiday. It was sunny here, but still a little cold for me. My hands are still ice cubes. I’m under my electric blanket and 6:45 and our school morning routine is going to come WAY too early. My only saving grace is that it’s Monday and I can get back in bed and take a nap once the kids are on the bus. YAY ME!





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