Two Days of Sleep!


I’m back! Last night was the first night I’ve missed a blog since I started Autoimmune Mama, and I felt pretty darn bad about it this morning. After several nights of being up until 3:00AM and later, I put the kids on the bus yesterday and went back to bed. I slept…and slept…and slept, until 3:00PM. Then I ran some errands, and went back to bend around 9Pm and actually fell asleep.

I can’t really tell whether it’s just complete exhaustion from the insomnia, a fibromyalgia flare, a rheumatoid arthritis flare, or a letdown after my 9 or more days of migraines. Whatever it is, I’ve been so tired that I could hardly get out of bed. I’m not terribly sore, but I’m in such a fog and so exhausted that this morning during my Pilates class I was counting the minutes until I could go back home to bed. I know I’m usually a nap fan, but that’s even a lot for me.

I have to accept that my body is trying to tell me to slow the heck down and that I need the rest. Work has been pretty busy, which is all good. I have a few different freelance jobs and I enjoy all of them, minus one or two clients that are working hard to send me over the edge. As an editor, people love to send you their manuscripts. Everyone wants to be the next J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer in my area of publishing, which is young adult.

I sent this woman some feed back last night, most of which consisted of mentioning that she needed to go through and revise before she submitted it for review. Almost every other sentence began with the word “She.” That’s not so great in a novel. I said it as nicely as possible, and mixed in some lovely comments on what I thought was working in the manuscript.

She sent me back an email defending her choice to use the word “She’ so much at the beginning of a sentence. Well, guess what, that’s her choice! It’s MY choice, not to want to take it on because I think it stinks! Ah…that felt good!

I bet you’re all wondering how Brutus the flamingo is doing! He’s fantastic. My son and I were waiting to get my daughter off the bus today and we were looking at him (my son mistaken called him Marvin!). I remarked…Isn’t Brutus almost like the brother you’ve never had, to which he responded, “you’re weird!”

Anyway, I’m enjoying my flamingo, even if no one else is.

I am shocked that I’m feeling tired again, even though I slept a lot during the day today. I’m also still have the numbness in my fingers and toes…not bad enough to call the doctor yet, just bad enough to be annoying. I guess what I’m trying to say is aside from the extreme fatigue and exhaustion,  I’m holding my own. Somehow I’m getting things done, even if it’s slower that I want.

I’m off to go to bed while my brain thinks I’m tired. Maybe that’s the part I’ve been missing all this time. Perhaps there’s a window of time where I’m tired? Or perhaps I’m in a flare and just darn exhausted! Either way, thanks for listening.

I hope you’re having a good night. Special thoughts go out to Christina tonight. Not sure if you’re reading this, but if you are, love and prayers are with you.





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  1. mudpilewood
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 09:13:30

    It sounds as though your body dictated a much needed rest, I hope you have a good week and I’ll keep an eye out for a Brutus in our part of the world. (It’s a great name by the way.)


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