Psychic Mediums and Fibro Flares


It’s Hump Day! Or in my world fibro flare Wednesday and the day of my psychic medium reading. Let’s start with the boring fibromyalgia stuff. I had another day of feeling exhausted, but not quite as bad as Monday or Tuesday. I at least got a few things done, and had a bit more energy.

My right hip and leg had been bothering my and I’m back to having numbness in my feet, mostly my right toes. It’s still just an annoyance so don’t pressure me to call the doctor just yet.

In other news I ate about 10 Ferrero Roches today…maybe even more, so I’m fairly sure I blew the whole diet thing. I’ve been doing really well just eating decent meals and not really snacking. I’m not even sure what happened today. I think I got stressed about money. I can’t even really blame the stress. I think it’s more that I can’t have just one. If I know they are there and I have one, I need to go back for more, so I just can’t have stuff like that in the house.

My psychic medium reading was okay. She started off by telling me that I need to slow down. I need to give up some of the things on my plate because it’s affecting me physically. I happen to agree with that as I just decided yesterday to step down from a nonprofit board that I’m on. It’s not the one that I’ve spoken about in the blog, it’s one that I got talked into being on a few months ago, and at the time it sounded like I would be doing a little bit of social media help for a great organization.

It IS a great organization, but they need way more help than I have time for. I feel bad, but there has to be someone else that can help them more than I can. She went on to say that I try more in relationships that most people do. I want to help people too much and often get taken advantage of. She said that my mother wants me to pay attention while driving. Did I mention that I got Worst Driver in my high school yearbook?

She wants me to slow down, and said that my mind is all over the place when I’m in the car. This is probably correct. My grandmother also came through and said that I need to cook more. She wants me to make her 6 hours sauce more and lots more home cooked meals because my kids are too skinny. I wasn’t sure how to tell Gram that two out of three of my children don’t eat! My grandmother was this sweet little old Italian woman, and when you went to her house, you ate. You went hungry, but it was poor manner not to eat.

Gram worried if you didn’t take seconds, and she’d offer to make a whole other meal because she would be afraid that you didn’t like the first one. She was an awesome lady. It also came up that I am the family peacemaker on my mom’s side. None of the rest of the family gets along with each other, but they all talk to me. This is true. I accepted this role from my mother after she passed away. My mother liked everyone, and I do as well. It’s not that I don’t see why they don’t like each other…I do. I just don’t let those things stand in the way of me having a relationship with the family members. I jsut put it aside and be nice to everyone.

The oddest thing said tonight was the my mother-in-law (who has not passed and likely will be alive well into her hundreds just to spite me) really does like me. She said that in some ways my mother in law is jealous of me because she never had the confidence to do anything on her own. That…I just don’t see, but whatever.

The funny thing she brought up was my fear of horses. She said, “was there an incident with horses when you were growing up? I am seeing a wild horse, almost like a stampede.”

When I was a kid, my mother brought my brother and I to some kind of rodeo. I really have no recollection of exactly what kind of even that it was, but anyway we were there sitting in some kind of metal bleachers. This black and white horse got spooked. For some reason, I’m remembering blood, but I’m not sure if I’m making that up to make it more dramatic all these years later, or if the horse got cut on something, then took off running. The horse was bucking and running and ran into the stands where we were sitting, and my mom threw us under the bleachers.

Since then, I have never gone near a horse. We always laughed about it because there would be all these country fairs and none of us would ever want to go into the tents with the horses, we’d just wave to them from afar. It wasn’t a funny situation at the time, but we’d retell it and laugh. We were kind of warped in that way.

I had all sort of Italian people that I never knew come through, but I’m not sure what to think about that. I wrote down some names, and she said things may come to me later. It was an interesting experience. Not really what I expected, but it was fun. She kept saying my mom was really concerned that I need to slow down because of my health and that I should do something fun for myself like journaling. I thought about mentioning this blog, because in a way, that’s journaling, and it’s something that has been so much fun for me to do. Whether anyone reads it or not, it’s a release of everything from my day. I can let it out and relax, which is what I need to do at the end of the day.

It’s crazy windy here right now and all I can think of is Brutus, outside in the wind. I hope I don’t go outside in the morning to find him tipped over. Even the furniture on my upper deck is blowing around. It’s crazy.

Sleep well my friends…and don’t worry…if you’re in Connecticut, I will now be driving a little slower because my mom said so from the grave!





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