I’m Still Here…Just a Hiatus


I didn’t even realize how long it had been since I had written a blog. That’s the problem. I was in the habit of doing it every single night, without fail. I allowed myself to take a night off during my extreme physical exhaustion and it turned into a whole hiatus! Let me catch you up. I’ve been tired. I still have a headache on and off…mostly on. Today is the first day in a while that I haven’t had to take an Excedrin Migraine.

The headache has been draining. I almost missed out on our neighborhood girls’ night of Bunco on Friday, but I decided to suck it up and go anyway. I ended up needing to pop some Advil halfway through the evening just to get me through, but I really needed to get out of the house. I feel like I’m here home working, sleeping, or taking care of the kids. It felt good to get out and laugh.

Last night was my friend’s bachelorette party. It was very low-key. It’s her second wedding, and we’re all in our early 40s. We’re not exactly the strip club crew, so we decided to go to this wine and painting night at a local club. The have drinks and food, and offer a painting class. I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks. All of the sudden I felt like I was Van Gogh with two ears, blending my yellows and dry brushing to get the perfect hue. I took step by step photos, which you will see throughout this blog and posted them all over my Facebook page, and literally laughed throughout the whole thing. We had a great time.1973376_10203789404836964_7147673850525718626_o

Today was a mix of running way too many errands. The first of which was bringing my bridesmaid dress to be fitted (finally). There is nothing like waiting until the very last minute to realize that your boobs doing fit in the fucking dress. Yeah…that was my morning. I’ve never had a shortage in the boob department, but with some extra pounds, there are extra boobs. I haven’t changed since they measured me, so I didn’t think to try it on–big mistake! So, the plan is, the dress lady is going to try and let the dress out in the boob area about 1/2 inch, and I am on a diet of celery and water, HAHA!

We were able to zip it up, but it wasn’t very comfortable. The good news is that it isn’t low cut, so although it’s tight, I’m not hanging out everywhere, but it would really help if I could drop three or four pounds this week. I’m going to try buying one of those minimizer bras that supposedly takes off two inches, but even the seamstress wasn’t sure that would work. At this point, I’ll give it a shot. The rest of the dress fits well, and I don’t look as bad as I thought I was going to.

It’s not what I’d have picked, but I’m not the bride. I did find adorable shoes at DSW. OMG, I have never been to DSW. That was quite a treat. I’m not really a shoe person, or at least I wasn’t until I went there. I didn’t have a lot of money, and I had the girls with me (who were picking sparkly hot pink 6 inch heels), so it wasn’t a great time to shop for me. I found some really pretty silver sandals to go with my dress, so that crossed all my wedding stuff off the list.

My exciting news to report is that my daughter got the part in the Wizard of Oz that she tried out for. It’s a tiny Munchkin role, but she’s so excited. It’s a very big deal to her, so I’m excited. We went to the first cast meeting tonight, but the rehearsal don’t start until June. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see her on stage. They actually had a few Munchkins drop out so now they asked if any of the kids had siblings that were interested. I came home and asked my youngest daughter, and as of now she says she’d like to do it. We’ll see if she still wants to do it on the day of the audition.

As for autoimmune life, besides the migraine hell, my hip is still giving me a lot of pain. It resonates down my leg at times, giving me even more pain, and when it’s cold my hands and feet still go numb. This morning my two fingers got stuck again for an hour or so. It’s annoying. I keep hoping that it’s going to get warmer and I’m going to feel better. Heck, it’s almost May. It’s still not warm. In fact, I had a jacket on today. The sun was going in and out and the wind was whipping around. It was so windy earlier in the week that it blew my patio table all the way across my deck.




This picture above was one of my favorites.  posted it with the caption “Nailed It.” I had so much fun with that damn class. I need to do more painting. I actually love to paint. I made each of my sister-in-laws a beautiful set of table and chairs for their baby showers, painted with their baby theme, and I painted a toy box with a safari theme for one of my best friends. I enjoy it very much and find it very relaxing. It’s actually something I wish I had more time and space for. I don’t consider myself overly artistic, but if I have a basic outline to work with, I do pretty well.

As my psychic client told me, I need to find more time to do things for myself. Perhaps painting will be one of them. Right now, my hip hurts too  bad to think about much else. Time for my heating pad and hopefully I’ll fall asleep sooner rather than later. I am glad to be back, and I hope everyone has been relatively pain free. Lots of crazy weather going on all around and I know that affects us autoimmune peeps. Check in with a comment and let me know how your doing!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fefe23
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 14:10:40

    The weather is so bi polar. I have been feeling tingles off and on in my feet and hands


    • autoimmunemamabear
      May 04, 2014 @ 04:55:15

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. That’s ind of a new symptom for me, but sometimes the tingles get super painful.


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