Where the Hell Is Spring?


I’m freezing! It’s almost May, for crying out loud! Where is the warmth? Where is the sun? My hands are like ice cubes, and once again I am sitting here with my electric blanket trying to stay warm. Today was another damp, rainy day — the kind where it’s just really hard to get warm to begin with.

This whole week is nuts for me with appointments, work, and errands. I don’t have much down time at all. I had about an hour to myself today and I thought I could take a quick nap, but I ended up working straight through it. Next week will be easier, but need to get there first.

I’m trying to pace myself to be up and ready for my friend’s wedding on Saturday. I need to be at the hair salon at 9:30am on Saturday morning, and the wedding is at 4PM. That’s a long day with no rest in there for the autoimmune chick. Not to mention two of the bridesmaids are in their twenties with no kids, and have no idea what my level of exhaustion is. The good news is that everyone is nice. I feel like if I need to sit for a while, I’m just going to have to say, I need to take a little rest.

I’m not the girl who will be able to dance all night, but I may have come up with a plan to deal with my dress issue! I brought up the whole boob issue to my Pilates class this morning and they mentioned that there is some kind of boob tape that you can tape the girls down with to appear smaller and hold them in place. Fascinated by this I went home and Googled it…and yes, people there is Boob tape and a Guide to Taping your boobs. So, needless to say, all the push-ups I made my class do this morning were for nothing…I’m buying boob tape and taping the girls down.

That’s on the docket for tomorrow. My dress is ready and she was able to let it out about a 1/2 inch. Between that and the boob tape (and perhaps a water pill), I’m hoping for the best. Not to mention, I have also been eating really healthy — lots of vegetables and chicken for dinner, and of course, I’m trying to be more consistent with drinking loads of water.

I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. I’ll get through this. It’s one more obstacle, but if I don’t start losing some weight with all that I’m doing to get healthy and eat right, I’m going to take my doctor’s advice and have the CAT scan. I’m giving it two more weeks. I’ve been very good about my eating for a while now. I’m actually really enjoying my meals.

I’ve made some great dinners…too bad the kids won’t touch them. My older daughter loves vegetables, so she’ll try some of it, but my son won’t eat any vegetables. They are all so different. I swear I make something new and they walk into the kitchen and say, “Ew…what’s that smell.”

I hope all of my readers are okay with all the storms that are going on throughout the country. Some very scary stuff. If you’re in those areas of the US hit by the tornadoes, please comment and check in to let us know you’re okay. We’re also chatting on our Facebook Group. Come on an join the fun.



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