Survived the Wedding


I may have looked like a turquoise sausage, but I made it through the wedding without any wardrobe malfunctions. The girls stayed in place. I certainly wasn’t what you would call comfortable…not by a long shot, but I made it! It was a beautiful day. My friend looked gorgeous, and everything about her day was beautiful. That’s what really mattered.

Getting in and out of the limo was a bit of a fiasco, but I was not the only one was dress issues so I felt a little better. Then, I felt even better when I finally got to take the dress off and realized that the damn bridal salon ordered me the wrong size. So let me clarify. I’m still way overweight, but I’m no more overweight than I was when they measured me. They said they usually order the dress one size larger than you measure at, and mine was ordered one size smaller.

I never thought to look at the size because there wasn’t much I could do about it a week before the wedding, but with my issues with trying to lose weight, I just assumed it was me. I will say it was hard seeing myself today. I did not feel good at all. It’s just getting very hard because I’ve been doing all the right things…for weeks. Nothing is happening, and I just don’t get it.

I suppose I should do more cardio exercise, but that’s the thing I struggle the most with. My stamina sucks right now. I do better with a walk outside than I do on my elliptical, but I need to be more consistent about doing it. I’m sure I’m not the only person with rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune diseases that finds it difficult to want to do cardio exercise when their joints hurt. Honestly, I feel better doing yoga and light weights.

Not surprisingly after a day in heels, my feet are very swollen at the moment. It was worth it. I had very cute shoes, that actually were that high. I’m just not used to heels. I’m glad to be home with my feet up and that dress off. That was the first event in my life that I ever went bra-less. As a well-endowed girl…that’s not likely to happen again any time soon!

Off to bed!!


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