Deliquent Blogger Again


Things have been nuts…again. Between work, kids, autoimmune crap, and just plain old exhaustion, I’m crying uncle. It’s been a really long two weeks. I think I started a blog last night and fell asleep halfway through the process.

Overall, I must say that physically I’ve been feeling pretty darn good. My headache has really subsided, and my joints have been significantly less painful. The last two days have been cool and rainy, so I have had that numb, tingly feeling in my hands and feet, but nothing unbearable. I did break down and call my doctor about further testing due to my weight problem. She felt I needed to give it another month or two before we do image testing, but she did suggest trying to go off of my Celexa, as that might be adding to the problem.

We lowered my dose from 20mg to 10mg for the next few weeks and then my doctor wants me to call her in 3 or 4 weeks and let her know how I feel. If I’m doing well, I can try going off of it completely and see if that helps with the weight loss. I also made the decision to try MediFast to jump start things at least for a month. I’m pretty excited about it, though I haven’t tried any of the food yet. My box o’food was delivered today. My plan is to start the diet on Monday.

We are taking the kids to the zoo on Sunday for Mother’s Day, and I just figured it would be best to take the weekend and start the diet on Monday. I’m looking forward to getting started, though.

It’s been a year stressful week in terms of my kids. I had my son’s annual PPT meeting. For those of you who don’t understand special education, that basically means it’s his yearly meeting to go over the goals that were put in place last year and decide new goals for the coming year. With no indication that anything was wrong (and my son making the honor roll all year long) I was informed that my son didn’t master one of his IEP goals. It’s May. They waited until May to tell me this. No one thought to mention it in January or February when we could have changed goals or revised his services to compensate for whatever was going wrong. To top it all off, one of the special education teachers asked me if my son was on anxiety medication, which happens to be an illegal question.

My Mama Bear claws came out. My first questions was “Does it concern any else at this table except me that he did master any of his goals?” To which the special education teacher replied, “Well, these were some pretty lofty goals.”

It takes a lot to set me off…okay, maybe not a lot, but when you set me off regarding my children, look out. My son worked his ass off this year to make the honor roll. Their suggestion was to take away Spanish and Social Studies (two subjects were he had an A average in each) and give him developmental reading. My son’s response was very intelligent and well-thought out. He said: “I got A’s in those two subjects where I had no extra help, and I got a C+ in literacy where I had to go for extra help all the time. Why am I being punished after I work and studied so hard?”

The kid has a point. I sat at the kitchen table and made color-coated cards, an idea I got from a dyslexia website, to help him study. He really did work very hard for his grades this year, and he should be punished. So I decided to hire an advocate and fight the school to pay for a private tutor in the reading method I want him taught in, Orton-Gillingham. The school doesn’t have a teacher certified in this method, but I found someone in the next town over to tutor my son, and my advocate thinks I have a strong case to get them to pay for it, since they wasted a year of special education services.

The best part of today was that since I work for a nonprofit that helps families of children with special needs, when I wrote to our staff advocates and explained the situation, two of them immediately wrote back and said name the time and place and we’ll be there to fight for you…no charge. I couldn’t be more thankful. I work with a truly amazing group of individuals that really puts helping families before the money. They look at the kids getting help before the dollars, and that’s rare. I spent a good five minutes in tears not even knowing how to say thank you because an advocate can run into the thousands…easily.

So, aside from that, work is busy. This are okay, though. I hope I can sleep until 9:30 tomorrow. That would be a true joy! I hope everyone is having a pain-free day.




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  1. fefe23
    May 10, 2014 @ 23:14:30

    I have been thinking about joining weight watchers because I need portion control help And meal planning. I want to lose the weight but without pain. BTW: You sound like a awesome Mom. Happy Mothers day!


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