Mother’s Day Is Overrated


Sure, we all have dream of what we’d think our Mother’s Day will be like. Some people dream of breakfast in bed. Other dream of a day of relaxation including a facial or a massage. This year I wanted to go to the zoo with my family. It sounded simple enough. The kids were excited. I was excited. It seemed like a no-brainer. We were going to set off on a peaceful one-hour car ride, enjoying each other’s company, then enjoy a lovely day of seeing the animals and spending quality time together.

I’m not sure what medicine I was taking when I thought that was going to happen! My pride and joy fought the entire way to the zoo, with my son leading the crab brigade because he was irritated that my youngest daughter talks too much. When we arrived, I had high hopes that it would get better, but my son turned into an even bigger pain in the ass when he started poking and being a general nudge to my youngest daughter. He claimed it was because he she wouldn’t let him talk, but really it was because he was darn tired because he stayed up way too late the night before.

I thought things were going to turn around as we were in line for the zoo monorail, but that’s when my youngest daughter had her “moment” of the day, where she announced that she hated zoos and animals, and she wanted to go home. That’s right people, Happy Freakin Mother’s Day! DCF almost needed to be called in as I grabbed her arm and yelled at her in line that her behavior was going to stop NOW and that she was being selfish and rude, and I wasn’t going to up with it for one more minute.

Okay, it did cause a few tears. There was that moment when she turned to her dad and said, “I think Mom hates me because I have bad behavior!” I will say once we got on the monorail things turned around for the better. The Bronx Zoo is really a great zoo, It’s clean and nice. We got to see everything from elephants, to giraffes, to polar bears, and flamingos (my favorite). It’s a huge place and we didn’t have time to see everything, but we saw a lot and the kids ended up having a really great time, and I did as well.

We got to see a lot of baby animals, which was fun. There were four baby lion cubs playing and pouncing on each other. There was a baby giraffe, baby sea lions, and lots of baby deer-looking animals.

I did pretty well with the day of walking. By after 5pm, I was completely done. My feet were starting to swell, and my hands were swelling, which seemed odd to me. I could DSC_0011_011understand my feet. If I wasn’t walking, I was standing on line, or standing looking at the different exhibits. We didn’t do a lot of sitting. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but it does make me nervous for our Disney trip. I’m not nervous for day 1. It’s Days 2-6 that concern me. I am hoping that my legs and feet are okay tomorrow, and that I can get out for a quick walk to try and keep up a bit of the momentum. I’m not going to push it though if my body tells me no. We walked from 10:30AM to almost 6:PM, only stopping for lunch and a 20 minute monorail ride. All in all, I did well.

Of course my feet are up on a pillow right now and I’m exhausted as hell! Tomorrow is Day 1 of my Take Shape for Life diet from MediFast. I’m kind of excited. I’m a little excited that on my own, I’m down about one size, as the pants I bought myself a little over a week ago are too big. They fit perfectly when I bought them, so I must have lost a few pounds. I’m going to get on the dreaded scale in the morning (doubt I’ll report the number, as I am horrified by the whole thing), but I will check in with my progress and let you know how I’m doing… and of course, how the food is.

My plan is to use their food for 4 of the 6 small meals per day and use my own food for two. There are days when I’m running around that I may use theirs for 5. We’ll see. I eat very healthy dinners, so that won’t be an issue. It’s the giving up of chocolate that might be a little tough. Luckily, I do get to have chocolate or mint chocolate pudding every night, so that may help. All I can hope is that this jump starts things a little, and that will be the shake up I need to get going.

Between that, the warmer weather, and trying to consistently move more, either through yoga, walking or other types of exercise, I’m trying to go about working on this autoimmune crap naturally as well as with some kind so of medication. I also started taking a supplement called Curcumin, which has turmeric spice in it, which is supposed to be great for inflammation. I’m not ruling anything out when it comes to natural remedies.

I hope all the Moms had a great Mother’s Day!



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