Migraines Suck; Diets Suck


My head has been pounding since Tuesday. I have pretty much made it through with ice packs on the back of my neck every few hours, muscle relaxers, and Excedrin Migraine. It hasn’t been fun, especially because I have been finishing up editing and doing a final proofread of a novel. I feel like I’ve read it about 100 times at this point.

It’s really not good for me to read it that many times all this close together. Usually I take a week to do a book and then a few days off before I read it again after changes are made. This author was making changes while I was editing, so this was just one constant circle of reading and re-reading. It’s a good book, but I’m very happy to be done with it.

I’m not sure what the trigger for this migraine is. My allergies have been pretty had for the past few days. The tree pollen is everywhere and even my kids are having a tough time. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a lot of my plate…but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? It’s not like I’m under any more stress than usual!

I’m lying here with my ice packs, hoping that I wake up tomorrow headache-free. I have another busy day tomorrow that includes tutoring my autistic client, being the secret reader in my daughter’s first grade class, and going to that same daughter’s transition PPT. If you don’t know what a PPT is then you probably don’t have a child who receives special education services. My youngest daughter will be the first child to be dropped from services, and I give it a year at most that she stays on.

Though I think she benefits from the social skills groups (she’s a little rough around the edges and has ADD), her academics are beginning to get much higher than grade level, which will make my argument for services a little bit difficult. At most, I’m hoping they keep her in the social skills group and give her some accommodations. I think she really wants friends and struggles a little bit with letting others talk, etc. Of course I see that more at home with her siblings than her teacher does at school.

I’m still on my diet. Tonight I feel like I have a bit of an upset stomach. I do struggle a bit with low blood sugar so when I spoke to my coach last night she thinks that on the days when I teach classes or work out hard, that I need to eat more protein than is suggested on the average plan. Today I added two hard boiled eggs into my afternoon, and I didn’t have the shakiness, but my stomach is grumbly now. I’m definitely not feeling hungry…more like an upset stomach. I’m hoping I’m not getting sick.

I decided I’m not going to weigh myself again until next Tuesday, and see how I did after one week. I’m trying to be hopeful…of course my hopeful is 15 pounds, HAHA!! I’ll get there. At least I’m trying to be motivated. It’s a start.

Okay, off to put another ice pack over my eyes and try to sleep. How is everyone else feeling?





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  1. fefe23
    May 19, 2014 @ 14:02:12

    I’m off mtx till I get a refill so I’m a little achy.


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