Damn Knees!


Perhaps my three miles walk did me in a little bit yesterday. I bent down to get something this morning and that was it. A sharp stab of pain in my knee and I was hobbling a bit for the rest of the day. All in all, it was far from my worst day. I just opted not to go for a walk and push myself even though I was hoping to get in an extra workout today. I had to get over it.

I did a lot of stressing for nothing today. My son had a school field trip to an amusement park and he told me this morning that he was the only kid in his homeroom without a “buddy” for the day. No mom wants to hear this at 7AM. Who the heck am I going to contact to make sure my kid is accounted for all day? Nope…I need to let him handle it. So I told him he needs to see his homeroom teacher right away, before they get on the bus and tell her that he doesn’t have a buddy for the trip.

Of course, I worried that he didn’t do this, and that perhaps the kids that have been giving him a hard time left him out all day. Much to my surprise he came in the door very happy. He told me a good friend from another homeroom found him right when he got off the bus and asked him to be his “buddy” and that they had a great time at the park. I stressed for nothing, but I’m a mom and that’s my right. I worry about my kids. I probably worry too much, but I have sensitive kids. I just want everything to be okay.

I try not to over-parent, but I suppose at times I do. I guess I’d rather over than under-parent. I think there are too many kids with no self-esteem and no support. I’d rather raise kids that have sensitivity and confidence, without being entitled. Don’t get me started on entitled children. It’s a huge pet peeve. There are way too many of them in my town. I live in a nice area. For our area, we have a smaller house. My kids go to play at houses that are three times the size with 5 car garages, etc. Some of the families are the most down to Earth families with the same core values that I have, and others have children that must wear brand name everything from Kindergarten on.

I guess people like that are everywhere. I think that why I call myself anti-social. I’m just very choosy about who I associate with. I like normal, non-pretentious people. Speaking of pretentious people, did you hear what Gwenyth Paltrow said now? If you’ve been reading my blog, you might remember a rant about Gwenyth before. I don’t like her and her Conscious Uncoupling. I believe she related her life with the paparazzi to being in the military. What?? She needs to get over herself. How offensive to the men and women from our country who are in the line of duty. We have soldiers are war fighting for our country and she thinks being chased by photographers is similar to being shot at with guns? Look I’m not saying a group of photographers following your every move is fun, but you chose that life. There are plenty of celebrities that have stepped out of the limelight to raise their kids privately.

She could have done that. She keeps putting herself in the news. Maybe if she’d shut up and go away they’d leave her alone. And that’s my two cents.


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  1. Rebekah Miller
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 03:32:45

    Yep. Gwen is a nutter.


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