Tired of Coughing


It’s been a week and a half and I can officially say I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired of stifling my coughs at times when I should remain quiet (like during my daughter’s performance). I’m tired of the coughing fits that keep me up at night, as if my insomnia wasn’t doing that well enough on its own. I’m just bored of having the same damn symptom and it’s not really getting any better. My throat is no longer sore. I’m not stuffy and my fever is gone. It’s time for this cough to go!

Today was rather unproductive. I’ll start by saying that I wrote a whole blog last night and when I went to publish it, it had an error and got lost in cyberspace. It reverted back to a version I started a day earlier and was missing everything I wrote about from yesterday. By that point it was 1AM and I was annoyed so I skipped a blog. Forgive me. I’ll give a quick recap of my weekend.

I spent most of it at The Wizard of Oz performances. I will go on record and say out of the 35 munchkins, I don’t really like about 6 of them. They don’t listen and they are rude. One of them is out of control and his mother is sitting about 10-feet away while we are trying to discipline him, and yet it’s all she can do to look up from her book. Clearly there isn’t much discipline going on from her. Then there is the wandering kid. I found him in the woods (it’s an outdoor theater). I found in sitting in poison ivy. I’m trying to get kids dressed, makeup on, etc. I can’t follow this child around. He needs a leash. And then there is the girl whose mom is on the board of the theater. I told my daughter if she ever acted like this girl, I don’t care what part she had in the play, I’d pull her out for being disrespectful to adults and the other children. Let’s just say she’s a brat.

Aside from a few mouthy ones, the other kids have been great and it’s been a really fun experience. My daughter was really exhausted today, though. She slept until 10:30AM. y

For the second day in a row I took my son to his playoff baseball game, only to get there and have it canceled due to weather. Today I completely understand, though I wish they called it before I drove all the way there. Yesterday it was sunny and nice. I was annoyed. The rest of my family ended up going out on our boat, but as usual, I opted to stay home and sleep. These late nights in the outdoors have been tough for me.

It gave me a little break from the kids as well. I needed that. They are with me 24/7 during the summer and I’m not ashamed to say I need a few minutes of peace. Today I had to bring my son for his check-up, which I knew was causing him a lot of stress. Apparently his friend told him there were shots involved, so he sat next to me picking at his nails, as he does when something is bothering him. I tried to talk to him about it, and we ended up talking for a while, but I didn’t know if he was getting shots or not. All I could tell him was that I thought he was making way more out of the shots than they really were. He hasn’t had a shot since kindergarten so he’s building it up in his head as this terrible, awful thing.

Okay, no one LIKES getting shots, but he needs to do it. So we get there and we’re in the waiting area and he starts to cry. I felt so bad for him, but he has this anxiety that just takes over (you’re welcome, son) and it’s hard to shut it off. I talked him through it, and then when the doctor came in, he explained that my son actually couldn’t get his shots today. We did his physical early because he needed the paperwork for football, but his 11th birthday isn’t until the end of August. So…the ppor guy needs to go back on the 25th of August for the shots. Gee…can you guess how much fun that’s going to be for the days leading up to it?

The only other news of the day is about my knee. Out of nowhere when I was walking today, I had an intense pain in my left knee. First, I’ve never had pain in my left knee, and second, it was strange. As sharp as the pain was, it seemed to go away quickly, but it did happen a few times this evening. I’m going to see how it is tomorrow when I teach my class before I worry about it.

In random news of the night, let’s chat about Jay Z and Beyonce. First, I was watching Saturday Night Live this weekend (a repeat) and they had this skit where a guy didn’t like every one of Beyonce’s songs so they had the Beyonce squad after him. It was a hilarious skit. It you have seen it, it’s worth looking up on youtube. This may make me lose some readers, but I’m going to be honest and say I’m not really a fan. Ok, who didn’t like that song “To the left, to the left”? She has some catchy tunes, but overall, she just isn’t my favorite singer/artist. I don’t own anything by her on my iPod.

I guess there are rumors that they have a marriage therapist with them on tour and that there are marital troubles, with the first real sign being when Beyonce’s sister, Solange (and didn’t that girl get the short end of the stick in life?) and Jay Z had that fight in the elevator. I found that to be hilarious, too. Mostly because I think they always act like they are better than everyone, and it’s nice to see that they are human–and that he got his ass kicked in the elevator by a girl!

Now, I’m the first person to say it’s wrong that anyone was picking on their daughter’s hair. That’s not right, but would I shed a tear if they were breaking up? Of course not. I don’t know them. I’m not invested in their conscious uncoupling. I couldn’t even name one song by Jay Z. That’s my two cents on the subject.

Enjoy your night everyone.


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