Playing Hooky Isn’t Always a Bad Thing


Okay, it might not be setting the greatest example in the world, but we played hooky for Wizard of Oz tonight. No one we knew was going to the show. My daughter doesn’t have any speaking roles and there are 33 other Munchkins. I’m sure her being missing did not impact anything. She has three more shows this weekend and we’re staying until the end both tomorrow and Saturday. Sometimes you just need to know when to say when.

Instead of going, we all went to my son’s football camp, which was held at the high school. I used the time to walk the track and did almost 3 miles. I attempted to do a jog for an 1/8 of a mile on almost every lap. I am hoping that I can build that up little by little and push myself to run a little farther each time. I will say that when I got out of the car, my hips were very tight and my body was already aching.

It’s so difficult with autoimmune issues with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I know I have to keep moving, but dammit, sometimes it just hurts to move. I know I’m doing the right thing with the walking, though the jog may be pushing it a little. Do you know that I’ve never been taught how to run? I don’t even know if I run correctly? I need to look that up somehow! I don’t know whether I’m taking an appropriate stride, or pounding too hard, or whether I look like Phoebe from Friends.

I will put that on my list of things to do tomorrow, right after I finish mowing the lawn and possibly taking my son to the high school to run. All of this depends on my hips and if they are screaming tomorrow morning. Heck, I’m hoping I can walk. I found myself walking with a neighbor for a it tonight and she knows I have RA. She was telling me how she had Lyme and that her symptoms weren’t going away. She was praying it wasn’t RA. I’m sure I’d be doing the same, but do you tell that to someone with RA? I don’t always understand people.

I’d enlighten you on the argument between my “ex-friend” and I but I’m going to have to save that drama for tomorrow as I’m falling asleep. This way it will give you something to kook forward to. The good news is you won’t have to wait until tomorrow night. The blog will be done and up before I leave for the Wizard of Oz. There’s just no way I’d feel like writing at midnight 🙂


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  1. Julie Ryan
    Aug 02, 2014 @ 16:24:55

    That’s a lot of moving, you should be proud of yourself.


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