Waiting for Results


This is my week of doctor’s appointments. On Monday I saw a doctor at my primary care physician’s office (she was away, so I saw a doctor I had never met). He was thorough, I suppose, but he mainly zeroed in on my fever and the fact that I had been losing my voice for well over a month and a half. He also didn’t like that I was still coughing, but I have an asthma/allergy thing so the cough really isn’t concerning to me. It’s more of an annoyance.

He wanted to run a CBC and sent me to an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist to have them scope my throat to take a closer look and see what was going on. He did say that my thyroid felt normal, so I guess that’s plus. I’m still banking on there being something wrong with my thyroid, though. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I’m hoping I find something that helps my hair grow back, helps me lose weight and feel less tired. I realize that’s asking a lot. Even to get through the day without falling asleep would be awesome.

I saw my rheumatologist yesterday and he wanted to re-run all of my previous bloodwork. I did ask about some of the thyroid tests that I’ve read about, and he said that’s not how he does the tests. I joined a Facebook page for Hashimoto’s and it was recommended that I have a TSH, T3, T4 and Free T3 and Free T4. He said he doesn’t test Free T3 and Free T4, but rather he tests for the antibodies. I asked the difference, but I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t understand his answer. At first he wanted me to wait until the fall to even do the bloodwork, but then I started in with my family history and how tired I’ve been feeling, and he realized that my last tests were in March, so he did everything again.

They drew 12 vials of blood this morning, and I found myself praying they’d just find something going on. I don’t want cancer or anything serious. Heck, no one does! But I’m tired of having no answers. My rheumatologist has always been on the fence about me having rheumatoid arthritis, unlike my last rheumatologist, who felt there was no doubt.

That is one of the most difficult things about autoimmune diseases. They aren’t cut and dry. I have a high ANA level, which signifies and autoimmune issue. I agree with rheumy #2 that there is little doubt that I fit the profile for fibromyalgia, but I also see that I fit the profile for RA as well. Rheumy #2 was hesitant to agree with that at first, only because I don’t appear to look like someone with RA. I have hyper-mobility and that in itself can cause joint pain and stretched ligaments, etc. But, the main thing that rheumy #1 said that sticks with me is that RA affects your hands and fibro does not. My hands are one of the most painful areas for me during a flare.

Where fibro can be more widespread and involve muscle, RA makes my hands swell and hurt. They might not look like the RA pictures online, but they do turn red (and bright white from Raynaud’s) and they do swell.

So tomorrow is my throat scope at the ENT’s office. I’m a little nervous for that, but it can’t be that bad. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I am guessing I’d have most answers then and there, and if they feel the need to biopsy anything, then they’d have to schedule it. My blood tests will be in on Friday. So in the meantime, I have to sit and wait. I wish the tests were in on Thursday, that way I could call Friday morning and know they were all back and that I could discuss them with a nurse.

The only good news is that my insomnia isn’t affecting me at all. I’m practically falling asleep writing this blog. I just wanted to give a quick update before I went to bed. I will let you know as soon as I hear some news.



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