Today Sucked!


I should have stayed in bed today. From the moment I woke up and was told I was the meanest mom ever because my son had a haircut appointment today, I should have known it wasn’t going to be a good one. My son and I have been having this dumb argument about his hair. I’m not opposed to longer hair. I really don’t care about stuff like that, but his hair is so thick and it grows in bush-like. He needs a trim and a style otherwise it looks like a big mop. Does he agree with me? Of course not, I’m his mother!

It’s been a tough few days in general with family stuff. The kids go back to school tomorrow and getting my son’s schedule set was kind of a fiasco. Everything seems to be in order. He went and found his classes today and met a few teachers. I’ve heard terrible things about two of them, but I’m trying to be open minded and take things as they come. The girls both seem to have good teachers, but neither one of them know kids in their class. For my older daughter, it’s a big issue and I know she’s stressed about tomorrow. I did arrange a little play date at a park with one girl that she kind of knows who is in the class, and they seemed to get along well, so I think that helped.

The little one…well, I’m more worried about what’s going to come out of her mouth. For instance tonight we were at Target picking up at prescription (she woke up covered in hives…just an added bonus to my busy day). She was explaining to the pharmacy team that Elsa was her favorite character from Frozen and her favorite Disney character ever. She went on to say she liked all the characters from Frozen except Hans, because he was a butt face. The whole pharmacy team and everyone in line erupted in laughter, and I wanted to die. She has no censor. I suppose it could have been worse!

My son also had to have his 11-year-old vaccines today. It was like Sophia Loren’s Oscar reel. I don’t mean to sound callous. I sat with him for two hours calming him down and talking him through his anxiety, then I needed to tell him to pull it together because we were going in. The shots were nothing, but I didn’t know he had to have his finger pricked. That was bad. But like 5 minutes after the finger prick, you would have thought he had been stabbed. He was doubled over, crying that it hurt and that the nurse who did it was a terrible person. He wanted me to have the nurse fired. It was pathetic and I was exhausted.

Somehow I will get everyone on the bus tomorrow, and I pray that they all have a good day.

I got all my blood test back and I’m disappointed to say they really didn’t show anything except an extreme Vitamin D deficiency. So I’m taking Vitamin D, but you can’t tell me that’s causing all my issues. I didn’t want there to be anything huge wrong, but I wanted a reason that I feel like a zombie. I could sleep all day. Today was my first day without a nap in weeks and it was such a struggle. And then it happened…someone said to me, “you really need to figure out what’s wrong with you.”

Really? I mean, REALLY? I got uppity. I have three autoimmune diseases that I know of. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and Raynaud’s. None of them go away. There are no cures for them. There’s no vitamin or magic pill that takes away all the symptoms. If there was such a thing, every other commercial on television wouldn’t be dedicated to things like Lyrica, Cymbalta, Enbrel, and other drugs used to treat arthritis and chronic pain. These drugs treat the symptoms. They aren’t a cure. it’s so frustrating to have to explain that to people you know.

The other thing that’s really got me annoyed today is gossiping. I feel almost like if I tell the story I’m gossiping, but since there are no names, etc. and I am saying minimal details, I feel like I can vent a little. A neighbor of mine was arrested for driving drunk the other night. She had her children in the car. It’s a terrible thing, and there are no excuses for putting your children at risk. I’m not making excuses for her, in fact, I hardly know her. Her son is a good friend of my son’s, and he is one of the kindest kids I know. So I just think you can’t get a super kind and polite kid if you’re a complete jerk. She has to be doing something right.

Anyway, our small town has taken to gossip and nastiness and I just feel sad. Obviously the woman has a problem, and if I gave the details you’d realize it seems like it is more than perhaps leaving a party after having one too many. If she has a problem than she needs help, not nasty people. I just think instead of reaching out to help a person at their low point, people find it easier to look down on them. For what it’s worth, I sent her an email. I didn’t really know what to say…I mean what do you say? But, I said if she needed anything or help with the kids, to please let me know.

So I guess my thought for the day is if you have the option to show someone compassion, do it. A lot of times people don’t show us compassion with our autoimmune issues, and I know it’s not the same thing, so please don’t jump down my throat here. I’m not comparing. She made a VERY poor choice and we didn’t choose to have an autoimmune disease. But I think compassion is a choice that anyone can have. I’m choosing compassion.


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