Shin Splints, Fat, Nutcracker, Football and More


I just couldn’t decide on a title. It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog so I have quite a bit to catch up on, though not that much news in terms of my health. I guess I’ll get that update done first. I’m huge. Enormous, even. That’s just not changing, so I can’t wait until next week when I finally have the appointment with the endocrinologist. I am a little afraid that he’s going to shrug me off because my initial blood work does not show a thyroid issue, but with a strong family history of hypothyroidism and the fact that I have every other symptom on the list, I’m at least hoping he’ll do more testing. I’m not eating enough to be this fat!

In similar news, I’m back trying cardio even though it’s not that easy. Yesterday I walked 3 miles in my neighborhood, and not the flat 3 miles. I walked the huge hill route, which I regretted on the way back to my house, which is all uphill. I was able to do it, and I’m not sure who was huffing and puffing more, my fat dog or me! In an effort to continue the cardio trend, I went to the track today in the hope that I could job a bit, but when I started I realized that I did too much yesterday with the hills and my shins were in terrible pain. I didn’t want to push myself further so I opted to walk the track (in pain) for a mile and a half.

It was a lot less than I wanted to do, but it was still something. Tomorrow I have to teach my class in the morning and then I will attempt to do my flat walk through the neighborhood or if my shins are really hurting, then I’ll do my boring elliptical instead. I’m trying…

Tomorrow is also the big day where we get the call about roles for the Nutcracker. My girls are so excited. I am in a panic at the moment. I know my younger daughter is fine. My older daughter would really be happy with any part that isn’t in the Battle scene, because she’s been both a mouse and a soldier, and she really wants to do a more ballet role. We put down that the role(s) she was hoping for were the party scene or a flower bud (the youngest of the flowers in the flower dance). I know she’d be great at either one, but I don’t know if she showed enough ballet. So here I am praying that tomorrow’s call goes well.

Last year when she got the role of a soldier she was devastated because “that’s a boy role.” She ended up seeing it through and having a good time. She even asked for a second role and got it. The thing is, she’s not this outgoing kid that stands out in an audition. She doesn’t jump to the front and raise her hand when they ask who can do something. She’s very shy, but getting better all the time. If you can spare some positive vibes for me tomorrow, please pray that I get a good phone call. To see her get a role that she really wants would be so awesome.

And now my football update. First of all, it’s not a newsflash that I’ve I’ve learned anything about football. I still don’t know anything. BUT…I did see my son make a tackle! It was in a play right after he did something wrong and I saw his dad shaking his head in frustration. He just doesn’t think my son has the drive to play football. He’s too afraid. Then he went into the next play and took the ball carrier down. Even I knew that was good! I got a picture of it, too. The best part of it was talking with my son later that night and hearing him say that he thought it was his best game ever because he felt like a valuable player. He was so proud of himself.

Oh…back to my rheumatoid arthritis for a moment, I’m still really suffering with stiffness and pain in my knees. I’ve decided to wait until after I see the endocrinologist before I call my rheumatologist to get in for an appointment. I’d like to see if the endo is really going to do anything for me before I discuss going back on the Plaquenil, but that seems to be where I’m headed. I don’t think I’m mentally ready for methatrexate. I think that’s the next step after Plaquenil. I believe I’d try the Plaquenil again before I’d try something different. I stopped it because my issues were really stemming around the fibromyalgia. The deep tissue muscle pain in my shoulders and under my head were bothering me terribly, but my joints (with the exception of my hands) were doing okay.

As the colder weather is starting, my hands are starting with the stiffness and swelling. My feet were pretty darn swollen after yesterday’s walk, too. But, what’s bothering me the most are my knees and hip because those hurt while I’m standing and walking. The pain and joint stiffness are just making things a lot more difficult. So, the decision is, that I’ll make another appointment with the rheumatologist after I speak with the endocrinologist. Do you ever feel like your life is seeing specialists?

Quick recap:

Endocrinologist-October 9th

Nutcracker decisions- tomorrow (I might need several Xanax)

Football-not as horrid as usual


Have a good night everyone!


Pain Level 9


I’m not going to lie. I’m in terrible pain at the moment. Every time I try and get up my knees are so stiff and it hurts to walk. This is fairly new for me. It’s usually my hip, hands, and feet. My knees have never been an issue, but wow, today just got worse as it went on. I suppose I should start by updating on yesterday in case anyone is on the edge of their seat about the Nutcracker auditions or my son’s self-planned birthday party.

Yesterday was stressful for me. I don’t know why I panic so badly. I think it’s that I know my girls get nervous, and I just get so excited and want them to do well. We got there ridiculously early. They looked adorable. They were warmed up and ready to go. My little one gave the director a huge high five when he got there, so she was feeling comfortable. They both did really well during the audition. My little one isn’t as graceful, but dammit, she’s freakin adorable. She looked like she was having a blast up there, and that’s what mattered.

The only drama happened when the kids were given optional time to get up alone and do a “trick” or anything they want to show a skill to the director. Both of my girls had something planned. My older daughter (age 9) really wants a more ballet role this year so she worked for the past few weeks on three different moves she was going to do. She was going to do a cartwheel, and two different ballet moves to show him she had the ballet skills. Well, she panicked. She was first in line and she did her cartwheel and then walked off the stage. She did a beautiful cartwheel, but she wanted to do more. She looked at me and I just smiled and gave her a thumbs up, trying to assure her it was okay. None of the other kids did a lot of moves. This would have just set her apart form the others, which is what we were going for, but she still rocked the audition.

When they were done on stage she came over to me and started crying. She asked if I was upset with her and I told her I couldn’t be more proud of both of them. Just getting up there in a situation like that is huge, especially for my older daughter who is shy. And she rocked the audition. She has beautiful lines in her dancing. I don’t know whether it will be enough to get her the role she is dreaming of, but to be honest, she didn’t get the role she wanted last year and she still had a great time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but my goal of last night was to assure her how proud I was of her and that I thought she was terrific. There were a lot of kids that didn’t even get up to do a special trick, and both of my girls did. They tried something and that in itself says something about them.

Now we have to wait for a week and a half to find out what parts they get. This is the stressful part for me. I can’t wait!!

My son had his sleepover and that went okay. I have big concerns about him, though. While this year seems to be going better than last, my son is so insecure and he embellishes stories to fit in. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve talked and talked to him about it. I’ve punished him, I’ve tried to explain that he just needs to be himself. I’m at my wits end with the fibbing. I get that he wants to fit in, but he doesn’t see that people see that he’s making crap up. This is causing me a lot of stress. I talked a lot to him tonight and I really hope I got through to him by being brutally honest about how another parent brought it up to me. I know he was very embarrassed, but he had to hear it. I mean he’s not saying he’s got a million dollars or anything crazy, but he’s embellishing his performance at football, etc. He’s saying he made the tackle, when he definitely helped, but he wasn’t the sole person making the play. That kind of thing. It really comes down to his insecurity about his ability in sports. He isn’t as good as his friends, and he tries so hard to fit in.

This parenting stuff is so hard. I see why he’s doing it, but I need to get through to him because he’s finally made some nice friends and gotten away from the kids that weren’t so nice to him last year.

Fast forward to today, and I think I was just completely exhausted from all the anxiety yesterday. I did manage to get a nap in the afternoon, but my legs, which were sore from my class on Thursday, just got worse as the day went on. My hamstrings were tight from me doing some deadlifts on Thursday morning. That isn’t the pain that’s the issue though. I was sitting on the floor watching some clips on the computer with my daughter and I went to get up and I couldn’t straighten my legs. My knees were so stiff and in so much pain, it took me a few minutes to get up off the floor. I’m 42! It’s very frustrating. This is the first time in a while that I’ve thought to myself that I need to call the rheumatologist and talk about going back on the plaquenil.

Yesterday and today were a lot cooler in temperature, but we’re talking 65-70. We’re not even talking frost yet, but Monday is the first day of autumn and I have to reconcile the fact that with the colder weather the pain is going to get worse, not better. If I remember correctly, the plaquenil took a few months to really kick in for me, so I really need to think about what the heck I’m doing. My plan was to wait until I saw the endocrinologist on October 9th before I made any changes, but I may change that plan. This is something else that I need to get used to. My “plan” might not stick, and my body will likely be dictating the plan from now on.

Did I mention that autoimmune diseases suck? Rheumatoid arthritis sucks! I have never understood what it’s like to have knee pain. I taught step aerobics for years and had a lot of people who had knee issues here and there, but I’ve never had stiffness there. It’s always been the hip for me. I did some light RA reading today and found that it does fluctuate and doesn’t always hurt the same joints. Oh joy! Surprise me RA…I am so excited to see what hurts tomorrow. I’m not going to let it ruin my day, though. I have my flamingo cane. I have to go to church for the first time in months because the kids start CCD, and then my son has a football game.

I need to participate in life, pain or not. It’s definitely easier to do without pain, though.


Wish I Had a Xanax


I need to call in a refill for my Xanax tomorrow. My daughters are auditioning for the Nutcracker. It’s the third year for my older daughter and the second year for my younger daughter. I vented the other night that they have been working with the daughter of a friend of mine to prepare for the audition (at least I think I did) and they were super annoying, but tonight they were amazing. They each know what they are going to do for their 30 seconds along time. I just need them to remember to smile. My older daughter is shy and serious, but a beautiful dancer. She just needs to crack a smile.

I need to pop a xanax while watching the one hour audition. First they teach the girls choreography and then they have them run that in groups of four. My little one is a loose cannon during this part. It’s hit or miss whether she picks up the choreography. I’ll be praying. And if my loose cannon doesn’t get nervous and can actually be her fun self on stage, I know she’ll do great, too. It’s so stressful! I know they’ll both get in because they were in it last year and they both did well.

It’s really my older daughter that’s the big concern. My little one wants to be a Scurry Mouse. There isn’t a whole lot of technique in that role, and she gets to be scary. She’s perfect, and it’s right for her age group. My older daughter is 9 and that’s a tough age because there aren’t many real ballet roles and there are a lot of kids. If you can spare some positive vibes, send them our way. OMG, I’m a dance mom! Last year, there was a crazy dance mom who volunteered with me all the time. I have less patience this year. I’m not sure I can handle her again.

I have a new favorite show that is a guilty pleasure. It’s called Kim of Queens. It’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, it comes on right after the crazy Dance Mom show, and it’s about this pageant lady that trains girls to be in pageants. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not for pageants in any way. They just aren’t something I’d want my girls to do, but this show was downright hysterical. What I did like was that all the girls weren’t skinny and fake. She had real girls, and they were all Southern and some of them had terrible manners. It is not going to win an Emmy or anything, but it was fun! I’ll schedule that in between Breaking Amish and the other nonsense I watch.

Tonight I’m working on a migraine. I’m sitting here with ice–again. I’m debating on getting up to actually take an Excedrin. I skipped a birth control pill accidentally and that is a big trigger for a migraine for me. So I can blame myself for this one. I’m not sure I can blame myself for the shoulder and joint pain, though. I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with my class at the gym. It seems more like the cooler weather is causing my rheumatoid arthritis to give me more pain. It’s odd. I usually don’t have pain in my shoulder joint. That’s a new one for me, but I guess RA has no boundaries. No joint is immune.

Okay, this is going to end quick tonight because I need to try and get some sleep.


Good News, But I’m Still Grouchy


Good news first. I got a call first thing this morning that my ultrasound was completely normal. I shed a few tears on my way to teach my class, and then I found myself in a complete exhaustion for the rest of the day. I don’t know whether it’s that I worked myself up too much yesterday, or it’s the cold and rainy weather getting the best of me.

I wasn’t in terrible pain. I’d go with mildly stiff. At the moment my shoulders and neck are sore and my back and hip are in pain. My hands have been bothering me, too, but nothing unbearable. I slept most of the day away and I feel a little bad and lazy because of it, but I need to let that go.

Tomorrow I’m back at the pediatrician’s office and hopefully I’ll be good enough when I get home that I won’t need a major nap and I can actually get some things done around the house.

Tomorrow night is the only night this week that I don’t have to be out of the house doing something. I have my son’s open house on Thursday and Nutcracker auditions with my girls on Friday. My younger daughter may send me over the edge between now and then. She wants to do Nutcracker. She loved every moment of it last year, but she’s being a pain in the ass about the tryouts. She is saying she is nervous, which is fine. She doesn’t have to do it this year if she doesn’t want to, but rolling around on the floor during a practice session and completely ignoring the girl who is there to help is not acceptable.

So I’m grouchy. I’m grouchy that my house is a mess. There is a leak somewhere in my wall. I got a letter from the company that supplied this ice machine for my foot when I had surgery requesting the $11,000 that we owe them. I almost keeled over. It was explained to us that they would only go through insurance and there would be no outside cost to us. It was a machine to keep my foot cold for two weeks. Eleven thousand dollars! I feel like I can’t win. My insurance sucks so bad. Every time I got for blood work for my autoimmune stuff it runs about $800-$1,000.

I’m actually going to break down and look into the Obamacare stuff before the open enrollment in November. I feel like I’m just paying for nothing. They hardly cover anything! I don’t want to make a big change before I see the endocrinologist. I just don’t want to do anything to mess with that appointment. I feel like I’ve waited long enough.

Anyway, that’s really all the news I have for the night. I just wanted to share the update that everything came back fine with my ultrasound. It was a huge relief. I’m still waiting for the mammogram results, but to me honest it’s the ovaries that get me in more of a tizzy.

Still Waiting for Answers

Ovarian Cyst

To say I’m feeling stressed is an understatement. Today was my annual pelvic ultrasound and mammogram. Because my mom died at 43 of ovarian cancer, and my grandmother also died of ovarian cancer later in life, I have to go for ultrasounds as a preventative measure because there really are no signs with ovarian cancer. So, it goes without saying that I get stressed before these appointments. Add to that the fact that this morning’s appointment was a bit out of the norm and I’m kind of a mess.

My insurance doesn’t cover ultrasounds so I opted out of the belly ultrasound and just did the vaginal one because they get a clearer picture of the ovaries with that anyway. The tech took a really long time and sometimes that is normal as one of my ovaries is up high. She then said that she was going to do the stomach ultrasound to see if she could get a better picture, but that she wasn’t going to write it down so I didn’t get charged for it, which was really nice. Although I was super thankful for that, it also concerned me. Was it because she saw something out of the ordinary, or that she just couldn’t get a clear picture of that left ovary?

As she was leaving the room the tech said that my doctor was in the office today and that she would call me later with the results. Well, I never received a call. So I have come up with the following possible scenarios. #1. It’s Monday, she got busy and didn’t get to my ultrasound results yet. #2. It’s not good and she’s going to call me tomorrow…if it was a simple call the nurse would have done it for her. #3. She saw it and it wasn’t serious so she thought she’d call tomorrow.

Now I’ll rip those apart. She’s known me for 17 years and she knows I stress. I don’t think #3 is plausible. So it’s either that she didn’t have a chance to read the results today or that it’s bad. I’m opted to take a half an ambien so that I can sleep and turn my mind off from worrying tonight. There’s nothing I can do until tomorrow. For the first time, I’m thinking it’s going to be okay. That in itself is a little strange, because I’m a glass half empty kind of girl. I like to prepare for the worst case scenario.

At the moment, I’m in bed. My kitten, Biscuit, is snuggled up against me, purring. That always calms me. He’s such a strange little guy. He carries around dolls shoes or small things all over the house. Everything is a toy, but it is usually something like a shoe from an American Girl doll (that I probably paid a million dollars for). I suppose I should be happy that someone is playing with it! Since I raised Biscuit and his sister Cookie from the time they were two weeks old, they are very attached to me. But, Biscuit is ridiculous. He loves everyone from me to the cable guy. He just walks up to anyone and jumps in their lap to snuggle. The cable guy was here last week and he jumped right in the guy’s tool bag and started purring. My cats keep me calm and mostly sane!

Some good news for the day, which was very unexpected…my son won an essay contest at school. I’m going to sound like a horrible mom for a moment, but I almost didn’t believe him. He didn’t even want to enter the contest, but when I found out he got 10 extra points on his first test if he entered I made him do it. While I didn’t write it for him, I sat and brainstormed ideas with him about what he liked about science, asking him questions about experiments he did last year. I did proofread the essay, as my son is dyslexic, and it’s also safe for me to make sure he used complete sentences and that there weren’t any typos.

I thought the essay was okay. It wasn’t the greatest thing I had seen but it really did reflect him as a learner and how he learns best by doing hands-on projects and that his reading issues make textbook learning more difficult. He came home all excited today that in he was one of four students in his class that one the contest, which means he gets to go one four science field trips where they get to do hand-on learning at different places.

My son has never won anything academic, so even though I don’t think this was award winning in terms of his essay work, he did well and he must have said something that they liked enough to pick him. To see his genuine pride and excitement was the highlight of my whole day. For a kid that spends a lot of time trying to play catch-up in school to his peers reading level, etc., it was awesome to see his sense of pride in this accomplishment. I was one proud mama and I think the science field trips will be an awesome experience for him.

I’m going to end tonight’s blog on that high note, and hope I can do the same tomorrow. Good night autoimmune friends!




It’s an Insomnia Kind of Night


I haven’t had insomnia in a while. That’s mostly because I’ve been taking Melatonin around 8pm and by 11pm I’m pretty tired. If I forget, then I take a half an Ambien on some nights, but I try to only do that when necessary. I totally forgot tonight and I’m wide awake because I have a lot on my mind.

Tomorrow is my annual pelvic ultrasound (don’t be jealous). I get myself stressed out for this. In case you haven’t followed my blog for a while, my mother died of ovarian cancer, as did my grandmother, so these ultrasounds are done as a preventative measure because there really are no definitive signs for ovarian cancer. My doctor said “everything felt normal” at my yearly appointment, but until I have the ultrasound, I’m stressed. Add to that, I scheduled a mammogram for right afterward. I figure, let’s have all the fun in one day.

I do my monthly checks, but I know of about 5 people around the age of 40 who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, so that’s on my mind, too.

But, what’s really bugging the crap out of me is a conversation I had yesterday that I can’t get off my mind. In case I haven’t mentioned, I started speaking to my friend again–the one that dissed the idea of this blog. We don’t talk often. We are not Facebook friends, and I have no desire to get our friendship back, but we have texted and emailed back and forth.

I prefer to have things in a peaceful, resolved state than in an angry one, but at the moment, I’m angry again because he’s an asshole. As I have mentioned previously I work for a nonprofit that helps families of children with special needs. I also tutor a man with autism, who is 50 years old. The conversation I had with this friend was regarding my tutoring job with my autistic client. His position is that it is a waste of state funding to have me work with my client because he’s worthless to society and never going to get any better. My position is that while the goal has never been to cure his autism, it is the help him increase his verbalization so that he can express himself in an emergency or other situations when needed.

His mother set up this program and another woman and I have been working with him for over two years. I’m not going to sit here and say that every day with him is fabulous. It’s definitely hit or miss, but overall he has come a long way. I see some very important strides, and I don’t believe as a society we should give up on people because they are disabled. This is a man with a tremendous mind. If I give him a date, he can tell me what day of the week it was on. He can tell me what day a game show premiered on. His mind is fascinating.

Anyway, my point is, this conversation really pissed me off because it showed me this person’s whole way of thinking. That in his world he has more value than other people, and I just don’t see it that way. Needless to say, I don’t think we’re talking much again, and that’s fine with me. We’re very different and he insults my parenting. My son has high anxiety, and the way I deal with issues with my son is very different than they way he handles his kids. I made a choice a while ago to stop getting our kids together because it just causes problems. He treats his kids like mini-adults and I treat mine like kids.

So I’m annoyed and wide awake. The only good news I have is that my hopes from last night’s post came true. My son had a big play in today’s game. He recovered a fumble from the other team, and as Mother of the Year, I missed it! I was watching the cheerleaders! I suck. All of the sudden I saw the coaches and kids cheering for him and I looked around asking for anyone who knew what happened.

Luckily I found someone who explained it all to me so I could congratulate him at the end of the game. It was a huge deal for him. He looked so proud of himself, and that was all I really wanted. He needed that moment so badly. I’m so sorry I missed it, but I was so happy I saw the look on his face when his coaches and teammates were cheering him on. I was a huge deal!!

Wish me luck tomorrow.


Stressed about Football…Yep, I’m Serious


I have way more important things to be worried about, but tonight I’m thinking about football. My son’s football game tomorrow, to be exact. This sports stuff is hell on me. I just want him to do well, and he does really well in the practices, but he gets nervous during the games. He’s playing against kids that are a lot bigger than him. The league allows kids that weigh 70lbs-105lbs, and my son is 76lbs. He’s not a big kid, so when he’s matched up with a bigger kid, he allows himself to get psyched out.

As a mom, I just want that one play. That one play where he knocks another player down, preferably the player carrying the ball, but I’m not fussy. He needs confidence, and I can’t give that to him. He needs to find it within himself. This parent stuff is tough!

My girls are also practicing for their Nutcracker audition next Friday evening. As crazy as this time of year gets with football games and Nutcracker rehearsals, I love it. My older daughter has been working one-on-one with a dance teacher to prepare for the audition. There aren’t a lot of prime roles for a nine-year-old, but she doesn’t dance with the lead studio in town (because I wouldn’t place her with someone who screams at her) and because of that she comes into the audition at a disadvantage.

The dance teacher is the daughter of a friend of mine, and she is just helping her with what to do during her 30 second spot where she can doing anything she want in front of the director. The audition is a bit intense. My younger daughter cried the first year, and left the stage because it was scary. There were like 80 girls on the stage being taught a combination and it was too much for her at age 5. She went back next year and she got the role of a mini mouse. She’s gung-ho to go back again this year, but her level of dance is that of a 7-year-old. She’s happy being a scurry mouse or an angel, and she’ll be fantastic at whatever she gets.

My older daughter really wants a part where she can do some ballet. Last year she got the role of a soldier and she cried because that was a “boy part.” I understood her sadness, but made her follow through with accepting whatever role she was offered. She was super shy about it, but she did ask the director for a second role, and she got to be an angel. Anyway, I’m babbling about Nutcracker, but it’s become a huge event for us the past few years.

It’s starting to get colder here in Connecticut, and my hip and leg have definitely started aching. My heating pad is out and being put to good use already. It’s funny, I’ve really spent the last few months dealing with exhaustion as my main symptom, with the occasional migraine. I forgot how the colder affected me. It’s not even that cold, but we had a damp rain today, and I was limping and I had pain shooting down my leg and into my foot.

I also had the neuoropathy symptoms again for the past few days in my hands and feet. At the moment, my right hand not only 6029721854_e19543daff_ohas the sharp pins and needles, it also feels burning hot.

With all the research I’ve been doing into Hashimoto’s prior to my appointment with the endocrinologist in October, I’ve been finding that most people with autoimmune diseases have more than one. I’ve love to hear if that’s true for you> It’s definitely true for me with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s disease, and possibly Hashimoto’s. I also talked to a girl who mentioned that the only real way to disagnose Hashimoto’s is through a biopsy of the thyroid. I would love any insight on this.

My rheumatologist did a blood test, but it wasn’t even all the blood tests that I saw recomended on the Hashi sites. Any feedback would be great!

Yes, I’m Alive

8616627167_b7b5307fa7_nI’ve started  several posts but last week was complete hell. I had a terrible migraine that began a week ago Sunday that was so bad I lost my vision and ended up spending the evening vomiting and feeling like my head was going to explode. Then when so much time had passed, it was difficult to come up with a blog to recap the entire two week span.

Do I go through everything? That would bore the crap out of you! I’ll give you the brief overview. My kids went back to school on August 28th. Everyone liked their teachers, even my son, who heard from some neighbors that his literacy teacher was “the meanest teacher ever.” Of course to my anxiety kid, this caused some tears, but I am happy to report that so far it’s going pretty well. She might not be his favorite teacher, but she’s not bad.

Both girls love their teachers. My oldest daughter got the teacher that she really wanted, but all of her friends…and I mean all of them, were placed in one other class. There were a few tears when she learned that she wasn’t with her friends, but she has met two nice girls in her class and she loves her teachers.

The youngest one took one look at her teacher and knew she was going to be perfect. She said, “Mom, she is so fashionable. She wears lots of accessories and pretty scarves!” I had the chance to meet her last night at the second grade Open House and she was really great. She had the right balance of fun and firm. I can see her not tolerating any misbehavior, but I can also see her really getting down and having a great time with the kids. She seems like a great fit for my youngest daughter.

The girls also started dance this week, which is always fun. They are preparing for their Nutcracker audition on September 19th. It’s always a big deal, but my older daughter is at that in between age where there really isn’t a lot of great roles. She is practicing with a dance teacher hoping to be in either the party scene or to be a flower bud. I’m more stressed than she is.

In other news, I still feel exhausted. I’m still needing to nap periodically throughout the day. It’s still frustrating. I’ve added vitamin D into my diet as directed by my doctor, but I haven’t felt much difference. I’m seeing the endocrinologist on 10/9. I spoke to a friend with Hashimoto’s today and she mentioned that the only real way to diagnose Hashi’s is through a thyroid biopsy. To be honest, I’d feel better with that. I don’t want to base everything on one blood test. I think I’m almost happy to ask for a biopsy. I want answers. I’m huge…enormous. I’m not eating enough to be this enormous. I need to figure our what the heck is wrong once and for all.

I’m hoping they do that. For now, I’m going to start walking every day when I can. It’s hard when your body is saying to nap.

Anyway, I am sorry about the long time between blogs. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. I’ll be better about blogging now. I am back on somewhat of a normal work/school schedule.