Yes, I’m Alive

8616627167_b7b5307fa7_nI’ve started  several posts but last week was complete hell. I had a terrible migraine that began a week ago Sunday that was so bad I lost my vision and ended up spending the evening vomiting and feeling like my head was going to explode. Then when so much time had passed, it was difficult to come up with a blog to recap the entire two week span.

Do I go through everything? That would bore the crap out of you! I’ll give you the brief overview. My kids went back to school on August 28th. Everyone liked their teachers, even my son, who heard from some neighbors that his literacy teacher was “the meanest teacher ever.” Of course to my anxiety kid, this caused some tears, but I am happy to report that so far it’s going pretty well. She might not be his favorite teacher, but she’s not bad.

Both girls love their teachers. My oldest daughter got the teacher that she really wanted, but all of her friends…and I mean all of them, were placed in one other class. There were a few tears when she learned that she wasn’t with her friends, but she has met two nice girls in her class and she loves her teachers.

The youngest one took one look at her teacher and knew she was going to be perfect. She said, “Mom, she is so fashionable. She wears lots of accessories and pretty scarves!” I had the chance to meet her last night at the second grade Open House and she was really great. She had the right balance of fun and firm. I can see her not tolerating any misbehavior, but I can also see her really getting down and having a great time with the kids. She seems like a great fit for my youngest daughter.

The girls also started dance this week, which is always fun. They are preparing for their Nutcracker audition on September 19th. It’s always a big deal, but my older daughter is at that in between age where there really isn’t a lot of great roles. She is practicing with a dance teacher hoping to be in either the party scene or to be a flower bud. I’m more stressed than she is.

In other news, I still feel exhausted. I’m still needing to nap periodically throughout the day. It’s still frustrating. I’ve added vitamin D into my diet as directed by my doctor, but I haven’t felt much difference. I’m seeing the endocrinologist on 10/9. I spoke to a friend with Hashimoto’s today and she mentioned that the only real way to diagnose Hashi’s is through a thyroid biopsy. To be honest, I’d feel better with that. I don’t want to base everything on one blood test. I think I’m almost happy to ask for a biopsy. I want answers. I’m huge…enormous. I’m not eating enough to be this enormous. I need to figure our what the heck is wrong once and for all.

I’m hoping they do that. For now, I’m going to start walking every day when I can. It’s hard when your body is saying to nap.

Anyway, I am sorry about the long time between blogs. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. I’ll be better about blogging now. I am back on somewhat of a normal work/school schedule.




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