Wish I Had a Xanax


I need to call in a refill for my Xanax tomorrow. My daughters are auditioning for the Nutcracker. It’s the third year for my older daughter and the second year for my younger daughter. I vented the other night that they have been working with the daughter of a friend of mine to prepare for the audition (at least I think I did) and they were super annoying, but tonight they were amazing. They each know what they are going to do for their 30 seconds along time. I just need them to remember to smile. My older daughter is shy and serious, but a beautiful dancer. She just needs to crack a smile.

I need to pop a xanax while watching the one hour audition. First they teach the girls choreography and then they have them run that in groups of four. My little one is a loose cannon during this part. It’s hit or miss whether she picks up the choreography. I’ll be praying. And if my loose cannon doesn’t get nervous and can actually be her fun self on stage, I know she’ll do great, too. It’s so stressful! I know they’ll both get in because they were in it last year and they both did well.

It’s really my older daughter that’s the big concern. My little one wants to be a Scurry Mouse. There isn’t a whole lot of technique in that role, and she gets to be scary. She’s perfect, and it’s right for her age group. My older daughter is 9 and that’s a tough age because there aren’t many real ballet roles and there are a lot of kids. If you can spare some positive vibes, send them our way. OMG, I’m a dance mom! Last year, there was a crazy dance mom who volunteered with me all the time. I have less patience this year. I’m not sure I can handle her again.

I have a new favorite show that is a guilty pleasure. It’s called Kim of Queens. It’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, it comes on right after the crazy Dance Mom show, and it’s about this pageant lady that trains girls to be in pageants. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not for pageants in any way. They just aren’t something I’d want my girls to do, but this show was downright hysterical. What I did like was that all the girls weren’t skinny and fake. She had real girls, and they were all Southern and some of them had terrible manners. It is not going to win an Emmy or anything, but it was fun! I’ll schedule that in between Breaking Amish and the other nonsense I watch.

Tonight I’m working on a migraine. I’m sitting here with ice–again. I’m debating on getting up to actually take an Excedrin. I skipped a birth control pill accidentally and that is a big trigger for a migraine for me. So I can blame myself for this one. I’m not sure I can blame myself for the shoulder and joint pain, though. I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with my class at the gym. It seems more like the cooler weather is causing my rheumatoid arthritis to give me more pain. It’s odd. I usually don’t have pain in my shoulder joint. That’s a new one for me, but I guess RA has no boundaries. No joint is immune.

Okay, this is going to end quick tonight because I need to try and get some sleep.



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  1. Rebekah Miller
    Sep 21, 2014 @ 01:05:02

    I hope you feel better. Every Friday, I have a meeting which includes a woman who wears smelly perfume. Every Friday, I come home with a migraine because her perfume is so strong it fills the conference room.


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