Tomorrow Is Endocrinologist Day


Tomorrow is the day. I’ve waited about two and a half months for this appointment and I’m stressing myself out. I don’t mind meeting new doctors or anything like that, but I am afraid of not being taken seriously or one more person saying they just don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m tired of dead ends. I have every damn symptom of hypothyroidism, including a family history, with the exception of it showing up in my TSH.

Being me, I have spent the evening researching testing for hypothyroidism and there are other tests. Someone else told me the only way to test for Hashimoto’s is by a biopsy? I’m not finding that online though. If anyone wants to weigh in, please do. I’m creating my list so I don’t forget anything. I feel like I should have come up with this much sooner. I went through years of infertility, recurrent miscarriage, had extreme hair loss after each baby, etc. The symptoms were there but I never reported them. I was always underweight growing up. I think it wasn’t until I started blowing up that I starting putting all the symptoms together.

Maybe my hair isn’t falling out from the medicine. Maybe my skin is so dry for a reason. Things add up if you look at the whole picture, but I need a doctor that’s going to take the time to look at the whole picture and not just rule things out with one blood test.

On another note, it’s not even mid-October and I’m freezing. I went to work at the pediatrician’s office today and was sitting in my little room, grasping my cup of tea just trying to warm my hands. I came home in the afternoon and fell asleep and my hip, knee, feet and hands were completely stiff. My saving grace is my new hated throw. Right now I have it on full blast and the only things cold are my fingers and toes.

In random news, tonight I had to send an email that was difficult for me to send. I sought advice from a friend that I can trust before sending it, but the problem is I know the person on the receiving end is not going to take it well. In my work editing books, I get to know a lot of my clients pretty well…some more than others. I have a former client that I have never met in person, but that feels a connection to me as his good friend. He’s really going through a tough time, and I’m concerned not only about him, but about the connection that he feels to me. Sure, I share a lot of crap in an anonymous blog, but I’m not a big sharer with my clients. I have met some really interesting and intriguing authors and I have become friendly with some of them. Editing a book is a huge process. I’m asking someone to make changes to something they put their heart and soul into. I have people that I’d love to work with again, and others not so much.

This particular client was not bad to work with. My only issue was that I’d send something back with edits and he’d add two additional chapters in the middle of the book that changed everything. For those of you that aren’t authors, or even those who aspire to be authors, you never do that! You send your editor over the edge. It’s never easy to suggest someone that they speak to a therapist, but I truly feel this is what he needs with all he has gone through. I don’t want to give advice and then encourage his thinking that we’re BFFs.

Okay, I’m getting tired, so wish me luck and hopefully I’ll have more to say other than the new doctor took 12 vials of blood. Ugh…that’s probably my only update 😦


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  1. Rebekah Miller
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 02:36:57

    I used to work in a medical lab. Request a thyroid panel which will show values other than the TSH alone. T4, Free T4, and T3. That will give you a more accurate picture of what your thyroid is doing than the TSH.

    If the above results are abnormal, a thyroid antibody test will determine if Hashimotos is responsible. I’ve not heard of a biopsy requirement for Hashimotos diagnosis. Biopsy is the only way to determine the nature of a nodule such as whether it’s benign or malignant. If your thyroid is swollen, that’s a strong indicator of Hashimotos also.

    For the hair loss and brittle nails, take a biotin supplement. For the super dry skin, mix 3 parts liquid coconut oil with 1 part vitamin E oil and apply to your skin nightly. A probiotic helps with the constipation. Miralax is also helpful and is not a stimulant laxative that will make your life miserable.

    Best of luck!


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