Yes, Arthritis I Know It’s Cold


Truth be told, I haven’t been in much pain at all lately. I mean, I have pain in different areas and I have my migraines, but with the exception of my hands, I haven’t really been in terrible pain. Tonight my rheumatoid arthritis reminded me that it was still there. I’m in terrible pain tonight and for the first time ever, it’s my the left side of my body. I usually have significant hip pain on the right, but early this evening my left foot started hurting. Within two hours I could hardly put weight on it and my left knee is also hurting.

I can’t even find a comfortable position laying in bed.I tried elevating my leg and then the knee got stiff in that position. It’s like I can’t win. It hurts when I move it, but when I don’t move it for a while it gets even more stiff. I suppose this is the beginning of the cold weather season. I have already decided that when things get bad I’m going to go back on the Plaquenil. I feel like it was more helpful than I originally thought. I want to ask whether it’s something I can take for the winter and go off in the summer when my pain is much more manageable.

I’m not even trying to be pain free at this point. I don’t remember what that feels like, but my pain level is significantly less in the warm weather. My heating pad and electric blanket are already getting a lot of use and it’s only like 50 degrees. I’ve turned into a big wimp!

And to make matters worse, my daughter has a kid sleeping over tonight that is driving me over the edge. She has said my house is too small, my car is too messy, and she told my younger daughter that my older daughter was “forced to let her move in when she was born.” That was a little knock to the fact that they share a room, but it made my younger daughter cry. I ordered pizza and she announced, “I don’t eat pizza with just cheese. You’ll have to make me something else or change the order.”

When I told her to stop playing my daughter’s French horn (don’t even get me started on the fact that she brought home the French horn), she said to my daughter, “Are you allowed to have any fun? My mom lets me do anything.” Um…it’s 10:30 at night and I’ve accommodated this kid’s needs. I brought them to the trampoline park, ordered a pizza with broccoli, and suddenly I’m not fun because I don’t want her blowing the French horn at 10:30! Ok, if that makes me not fun…I’m totally not fun. Boy does this sleep over really make me appreciate my daughter’s best friend. When she is here, they play without drama and even include my younger daughter. She is so polite and sweet. I love that kid even more tonight!

In other news, I just learned that Honey Boo Boo was canceled because the mom is accused of dating the convicted child molester that molested her oldest daughter. I realize that whole situation isn’t funny, but can you believe this was big news today? I’m the first to admit I watch some trashy shows; Dance Moms, Kim of Queens, Sister Wives. These are my guilty pleasures, but I don’t expect those shows to ever be big news. There are far too many more important things going on in the world for that to be big news.

My thoughts and prayers are with the students and faculty of the school in Washington, where today there was yet another school shooting. I try never to get political on my blog but at what point are we going to make big changes as a nation? I’m not trying to take away guns from the majority of people who have them, but I do believe that there needs to be stronger laws in place and background checks for people that want guns. I guess I’m of the opinion that in the case of someone with mental illness or a history of violence, those people should be red flagged not to be allowed to own a gun. Will this stop all the school shootings? Of course not, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I read an article that said he was a very well-liked kid who was crushed that a girl wouldn’t date him. The other big problem is as a society we are raising kids that can’t handle rejection. Rejection is a part of life. You don’t go and kill people because someone doesn’t return your feelings. It’s hard for me to hear these things and not go right back to December 14th when my kids were in lockdown because of the Sandy Hook. As a parent, I will never forget that day ever. Sandy Hook school is less than 10 miles from my house and that massacre changed this area forever.

I can never put my kids on a bus and not wonder what if they don’t come back.




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