I Cheated

Wish I Was There Instead of Here

Wish I Was There Instead of Here

They are calling it the possibly one of the worst storms in history. My kids are home, possibly through Wednesday and I ate three cookies and a handful of potato chips today. I learned it’s much harder to stick to my diet with them home. I’m back on the wagon tomorrow.

The wind is really starting to pick up here. I’m not sure how much snow we have, but the roads were looking bad around 5pm. The state put a ban on all travel on roads except emergency vehicles. I’m taking that as a sign that it’s pretty bad.

As long as I don’t lose power, I’m fine being stuck snowed in for a few days. I’m just stressed with the high winds and heavy snow that we might lose a tree and knock wires down.

Surprisingly, my pain level is pretty good today. I did not go outside, other than to carry in some wood for the wood stove. The kids went sledding and I watched from the sliding glass door and had hot cocoa ready. I have a feeling that they are going to try and talk me into sledding tomorrow and that’s when it all could go downhill.

Today would have been my mom’s 72nd birthday. It’s funny, some years it hits me really hard and others not. I didn’t get emotional today, but I think that might be because I let it all out last week after a talk with my son about her. My life would have turned out so different had she lived. I can’t even imagine what my like would be like with her here. Actually, I think I’m going to have a more difficult time with my own birthday this year.

I’m turning the age that she was when she died–43. I remember at 14 and everyone was telling me how young she was. But now I see it. I don’t feel old. I can’t imagine preparing to die and leave my children. I just wonder who she had to talk to during that time. She had her mother and my step-father, I guess. I just don’t know how she did it.

Onto a lesser intense subject. I’m watching The Bachelor. Dear lord! Some of these women have no respect for themselves. Okay, all of them. You don’t compete for a man! I admit to watching because of the psycho people. It makes it a little fun, but I’m not liking this guy too much.

Hopefully I’ll have something more inspiring to talk about tomorrow. It was such a quiet day here. I hope everyone in the Northeast stays safe in this storm.



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